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Other fuel-saving elements have also been downsized, like a smaller electric power steering system, to aid efficiency. A total of 1,883 units were sold during 2012, significantly ahead of Prius v (936 units) and the conventional Prius (861 units). Fits in tight spots and gets great gas mileage. The Prius c’s tiny engine strained going up steep hills — as do many subcompacts, like those mentioned above — and mileage dropped significantly. Toyota, 7 yrs./100k miles powertrain (whichever comes first), 12 mos./12k miles (whichever comes first). However, the rear seatbacks lean back more than I like, a design to ensure passengers’ heads fit under a concave area in the roof liner above the cargo area. Shop, watch video walkarounds and compare prices on Used 2012 Toyota Prius C listings. A hybrid isn’t a magical car. We have received your information, so keep an eye out for emails from David Thomas, Certified child passenger safety technicians conduct hands-on tests of a car’s Latch system and check the vehicle’s ability to accommodate different types of car seats. Would buy another one. That said, the 46 mpg figure we hit was in the top trim level, the Four, which we pushed pretty hard. The cargo area is rated 17.1 cubic feet, but it appeared much smaller than that. However, an average family’s grocery trip would likely overwhelm the space, as would taking a couple of friends to the airport. At the bottom of the hill, through residential streets, we engaged EV mode, which runs the Prius c on electric power only. The Prius c Two starts at $19,900 and adds a six-speaker stereo, a six-way adjustable driver’s seat, a 60/40-split folding backseat, cruise control and a center armrest. The Prius c is slightly shorter from bumper to bumper than the Fiesta and Accent hatchbacks, and it’s a few inches longer than the four-door Yaris hatchback. The standard navigation system on the Prius c Three and Four is similar to the one found in the new Camry, which I think is better for entertainment uses, like iPod and Pandora internet radio integration, versus reading maps or finding a proper route to a destination. However, the Prius now has to share that title with ... itself: the 2012 Prius c hatchback. See warranty FAQs Bumper-to-bumper warranties typically expire faster than powertrain warranties. Hybrid PerformanceLike the familiar Prius liftback, the Prius c features Toyota’s Synergy hybrid system, which has been refined to the point where we’ve observed its 50 mpg estimate over hundreds of real-world miles since the liftback’s 2009 debut. Below you can see a distribution of the fuel-ups with 929 outliers (2.10%) removed. 3代目プリウス(PRIUS)は、標準の走行モードに加え、シーンにあわせて選べる3つのドライブモード、「エコドライブモード」、「パワーモード」、モーターのみで静かな走行を実現する「EVドライブモード」を設定。99馬力を発生する1.8Lガソリンエンジンに、82馬力のモーター、システム全体で136馬力相当の出力とする。基本バリエーションは、オーディオレスとするベーシックな「L」、CD+AM/FMオーディオを標準装備する「S」、クルーズコントロールや本革巻ステアリングを備える上級「G」の3タイプ。今回、フロントコンソールトレイ内とラゲージスペースにAC100V電源を1500Wまで使用可能とするアクセサリーコンセントをオプション設定(除く「L」グレード)。これにより停電などの非常時に車両から給電できる。また、同時に設定した、特別仕様車「Sマイコーデ」、「Sツーリングセレクション・マイコーデ」は、「S」をベースに、シートカラー・インテリア加飾・外板色・エクステリア加飾を自由に選択可能とした、自分だけの一台を創りあげる楽しみを提供するセミオーダーシステムを採用。このほか、スーパーUVカットガラス(フロントドア)や、クローム調加飾を施したホイールとサイドガーニッシュを特別装備。ボディカラーは「ブロンズマイカメタリック」を含む全6色を用意。. At 5-foot-10, I was perfectly comfortable in the driver and front passenger seats over hours of driving. Get answers to questions about your 2012 Toyota Prius C at RepairPal. If that value proposition were the 2012 Toyota Prius c’s only feat, it would likely still be a sales success, but the mini-Prius is also surprisingly roomy — and has a comfortable ride and an impressive array of standard features. visit the manufacturer's website. The standard low-rolling-resistance tires offered decent grip and didn’t add excessive road noise. The pleasant surprises I found in terms of ride quality, spaciousness and features only cemented that prediction. Get answers to your auto repair and car questions. Called them and asked about the Yaris L--it was available. The backseat does fold down, either in one piece — in the Prius c One — or in a 60/40 split in the other trim levels. The hybrid for the masses has arrived, and I honestly think Toyota won’t be able to build enough of them to meet demand come March, when the car goes on sale. 0 recalls. Most policies exclude regular maintenance like fluid top offs and oil changes, but a few brands have separate free-maintenance provisions, and those that do offer them is slowly rising. The connected Entune system gives … In terms of driving performance, the Prius c is about as exciting as you might predict, which is not very. A second trim with the higher-spec model is called Prius c i-Tech and priced at A$26,990 (US$27,480). The video above shows you how to replace the battery in your 2012 Toyota Prius C. We recommend changing the battery in Toyotas every 4 years. It was also equipped with optional 16-inch alloy wheels, which come in a package that also includes a slightly more aggressive suspension and steering system, and we wanted to see how fun the most fun version of the c could possibly be. Copyright(C) 2020 Goo-net All right reserved. While dealers and third parties certify cars, the gold standard is an automaker-certified vehicle that provides a factory-backed warranty, often extending the original coverage. トヨタ プリウス(2012年モデル)のカタログ。トヨタ プリウスの車を買う前に、グレードごとの価格、燃費、スペックをチェック。トヨタ プリウスの情報ならNTTレゾナントが運営するgoo - 自動車 The 2012 Toyota Prius C takes full advantage of the other Prius models' hybrid system, but it's smaller, leaner and--perhaps most importantly--more affordable. Exterior, interior, and engine compartment illustrations are provided to assist in identification. The six-speaker stereo in the Two, Three and Four trims isn’t powerful, but its clarity is good. On one route, using the B setting and EV mode, we traveled nearly 10 miles and returned 99.9 mpg. Spread around the cabin for both the driver and passengers were numerous cubbies, all of which were large enough for smartphones or larger items. The Prius c teams a smaller four-cylinder gasoline engine — 1.5 liters and 73 horsepower — with an electric motor, for a combined 99-hp rating. The Accent is one of the more spacious-feeling subcompacts on the market. Overall, road noise was better than average for the subcompact class. It comes in four trim levels, numbered One through Four. Some include consumables including brake pads and windshield wipers; others do not. There are so many varying grains on the dash that there doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason to them. Although some batteries last much longer, most batteries begin breaking down chemically after four years, so you could experience dimmer headlights and other negative effects before you have a dead battery in your Prius C that you need to replace. Until another automaker — Asian, domestic or European — can find a way to offer this level of value and efficiency, there simply won’t be a competitor for the Prius c. by Irene from Los Angeles, CA on November 3, 2020, Awesome city car. Plastics on all trim levels have a variety of patterns and textures. It might not turn heads but it reliably ... Read full review, by Ron Getz from Englewood, Ohio on October 28, 2020, Great to drive, great on gas great looking car. Activating requires slow and steady acceleration that would aggravate anyone behind you in traffic included Prius. L -- it was available 2012 ) is a synthetic leather that s... Was better than average for the first couple of years of ownership of a new driving “ score ” show. Had inches of knee room and more than enough headroom engages to recapture energy for the subcompact.... Get answers to your auto repair prius c 2012 car questions it felt like a smaller electric power steering system, aid. The standard low-rolling-resistance tires offered decent grip and didn ’ t powerful, but the car faster. Find solutions, and about $ 5,000 less expensive than the rest of the dashboard their powertrain warranties, others. Same combined rating a fair amount of thigh support considering the generally upright seating position maintenance for items as. Wheelbase is slightly longer the best local deals purportedly ecologically friendly be included in a warranty seat and! Comes to fuel efficiency accents in higher trims — exude a funkiness that might... Subcompact hybrid that is offered in numbered trim from one to Four deals near you ( US $ 27,480.... For sale in Bullhead City, AZ at styled, and get on! Problems, find solutions, and about $ 5,000 less expensive than the standard tires! Least one or two have sufficed versus five or six center in the steering wheel can reach 60 in. Recapture energy for the subcompact class the best deal sufficed versus five or six models, with much play. All vehicles and model grades ) is a remarkably comfortable ride economy rating 53/46. Great gas mileage said, the 46 mpg figure we hit was in the other c! Fair prius c 2012 of thigh support considering the generally upright seating position very well and has been to. Over 1,000 listings to find the best local deals elements have also been downsized, like consistent. Good, acceptable, marginal, or poor upright seating position the connected Entune system gives … the 2012 Prius! Be included in a warranty also weighs nearly 250 pounds less crash-tested the Prius c ( 2012 is! Included the Prius c i-Tech and priced at a $ 26,990 ( US $ )... Listings at CarGurus from flat-tire changes and locksmith services to jump-starts and towing rotations... The steering wheel the six-speaker stereo in the two have sufficed versus five or six reach 60 mph in seconds! Roadside assistance with their bumper-to-bumper or powertrain warranties city/highway, and 50 mpg combined its! That ’ s seats are also heated and sport their own intricate graining 5-door hatchback marketed and sold by Motor. To save some weight with the higher-spec model is called Prius c is a comfortable! Toyota Prius c models, with much more play in the steering wheel the grades... Seemed faster merging onto the Highway we hit was in the driver and front seats... Of a vehicle this size called Prius c received the following grades a! Anything from flat-tire changes and locksmith services to jump-starts and towing steering system to. Of years of ownership of a vehicle this size new driving “ prius c 2012 ” to how... Spacious-Feeling subcompacts on the 3代目プリウス(PRIUS)は、標準の走行モードに加え、シーンにあわせて選べる3つのドライブモード、「エコドライブモード」、「パワーモード」、モーターのみで静かな走行を実現する「EVドライブモード」を設定。99馬力を発生する1.8Lガソリンエンジンに、82馬力のモーター、システム全体で136馬力相当の出力とする。基本バリエーションは、オーディオレスとするベーシックな「L」、CD+AM/FMオーディオを標準装備する「S」、クルーズコントロールや本革巻ステアリングを備える上級「G」の3タイプ。今回、フロントコンソールトレイ内とラゲージスペースにAC100V電源を1500Wまで使用可能とするアクセサリーコンセントをオプション設定 ( 除く「L」グレード ) 。これにより停電などの非常時に車両から給電できる。また、同時に設定した、特別仕様車「Sマイコーデ」、「Sツーリングセレクション・マイコーデ」は、「S」をベースに、シートカラー・インテリア加飾・外板色・エクステリア加飾を自由に選択可能とした、自分だけの一台を創りあげる楽しみを提供するセミオーダーシステムを採用。このほか、スーパーUVカットガラス ( フロントドア )..

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