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Corsair verwendet in der K60 Pro RGB als erster Hersteller Cherrys neue preiswerte Viola-Switches. CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, VOID RGB ELITE Wireless Premium Gaming-Headset mit 7.1-Surround-Sound – Carbon, MM300 PRO Spritzwassergeschütztes Premium-Gaming-Mauspad aus Stoff – Extended, M55 RGB PRO Beidhändig nutzbare Gaming-Maus (EU), RGB-Premium-Headset-Ständer ST100 mit 7.1-Surround-Sound (EU), Copyright How to Build a Custom Mechanical Keyboard. However, it’s not too obvious. It can be used for gaming or for typing, and the noise level is quiet enough that you won’t disturb anyone in your surroundings. Diese sollen einen besonders günstigen Einstieg in des Segment der mechanischen Tastaturen ermöglichen, und setzen dazu auf einen vereinfachten Schalter-Aufbau. Tastatur: Die Nummer befindet sich auf der Verpackung in der Nähe des UPC-Barcodes. Headsets: Die Nummer befindet sich am Arm der Hörmuschel. Only downsides are that the software is relatively bulky and can slow your computer down if it’s running in the background all the time. By tsa on October 13, 2020 70 . WhatsApp. Die CORSAIR iCUE-Software ermöglicht eine lebendige dynamische Beleuchtungssteuerung, komplexe Makroprogrammierung und systemweite Beleuchtungssynchronisierung für zahlreiche kompatible CORSAIR-Peripheriegeräte, Kühler, Lüfter und mehr. The new Corsair K60 lineup, however, is the vendor's attempt at offering some of the best budget mechanical keyboards under $100. 1996-2020 CORSAIR. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. She has experience as a pediatric occupational therapist and helped start Switch and Click to learn more as well as help people enter the mechanical keyboard hobby and learn more about peripherals as a whole. Mit einem Rahmen aus gebürstetem Aluminium mit schwarzer Eloxierung für einen modernen Look und Haltbarkeit über viele Jahre intensiven Gamings. On the front, far left bottom side, it says //K60 all stylized, similar to a PC directory. These are no indicated on the keycaps, so if you do use them often, be sure to keep the manual close or memorize them. The Corsair K60 RGB is great for people who do want to bring a mechanical keyboard into the office or workplace without annoying their coworkers or a mushy bottom out feel. If you are accident-inclined, you might be curious to know if your keyboard is actually waterproof, just in case you spill a bit of water (amongst other liquids). 0. Cherry VIOLA switches only have top housing, bottom housing, spring, and a leaf. Delivering an essential gaming experience without compromising on style or substance, the K60 RGB PRO is built with a durable aluminium frame, vibrant, per-key RGB backlighting, and new … Word of warning: If you compare these to Cherry MX switches, you’re in for a disappointment, as this is not the purpose of the Cherry Viola switch. The top plate of the board is made of black brushed and anodized aluminum. © Corsair hat mit der K60 RGB Pro, sowie der K60 Pro und Pro SE erste mechanische Gaming-Tastaturen vorgestellt, die alle auf die neuen Cherry Viola setzen. You can save $10 by opting for the plain K60 Pro, which is identical, except that the backlighting is limited to red. The profile of these keycaps are OEM-profile. I would’ve liked to see some wire-routing channels on the back of the board, especially since a thin wire like this would easily follow the channels. The Corsair K60 RGB is great for people who do want to bring a mechanical keyboard into the office or workplace without annoying their coworkers or a mushy bottom out feel. CORSAIR empfiehlt die Nutzung der aktuellen Version von Google Chrome oder Mozilla Firefox.Bitte öffnen Sie diese Seite in Google Chrome oder Mozilla Firefox.Laden Sie die neueste Version der Browser herunter: Bei der mechanischen Gaming-Tastatur CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO gehen Form und Inhalt Hand in Hand dank des robusten Rahmens aus gebürstetem Aluminium und den mechanischen CHERRY VIOLA-Tastenschaltern, bei denen die RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtung der einzelnen Tasten alles lebendig erhellt. It can get unsatisfying to use, if you are coming from an MX switch. Kompatibel mit CORSAIR iCUE, DER UNTERSCHIED ZWISCHEN SIEG UND NIEDERLAGE. Programmierbar mit der CORSAIR iCUE-Software Lebendige, dynamische RGB-Beleuchtungssteuerung, komplexe Makroprogrammierung und eine systemweite Beleuchtungssynchronisierung für zahlreiche kompatible CORSAIR-Peripheriegeräte, Kühler, Lüfter und mehr. Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Cherry Mechanical Keyswitches - Durable AluminumFrame - Customizable Per-Key RGB Backlighting - PBT Double-Shot Keycaps - Detachable Palm Rest. So, they are similar to Cherry MX Reds. It has Corsair printed in the middle of the rest. Flash: Die Nummer befindet sich auf der Verpackung der Einheit, in der Nähe des UPC-Barcodes. A downside of these keycaps is that there are no secondary legends. However, coming from a membrane, it feels much better and more consistent. 139,99 € 139,99 € inkl. The keyboard features keys with a short actuation of … However, we know Cherry switches go through rigorous quality control and standards for them to release their product, which has been in the making for over a year. Also, there are two kick up feet with one angle to make the angle of the board steeper. The reduced stabilizer sounds also support the use of this keyboard in the office, at home with family, friends, significant others, animals, etc. Depending on what keyboard and switch you are coming from, this could take a short adjustment period, maybe an hour or two. However, as I got used to it, the typos went away. CHERRY verfügt über jahrzehntelange Erfahrung und ist mit seinem legendären Ruf die erste Wahl bei Gamern und eSports-Profis in aller Welt. A year or two ago, you wouldn’t have caught me dead with gaudy gamer RGB … The feel of the switch is similar to a Red switch, however the spring feels heavier after the initial press. To actuate, there is a leaf that touches a metal contact on the PCB. With a slim and durable design, the CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO mechanical gaming keyboard is suitable for everyday use. There are many unknowns regarding the Cherry VIOLA switches. Although the K60 is a very simple and no-frills mechanical keyboard, it still comes along with some extra features that you may find extremely useful in your day-to-day life. The caps are fairly thick and let RGB shine through quite nicely. 99. There are also options to determine what windows lock does and more. Lautsprecher: Die Nummer befindet sich auf der Rückseite des Subwoofers. The Cherry Viola switches were announced in January 2020 as a replacement to membrane keyboards and a way for Cherry to target the mass keyboard market. Do not worry. PSU: Die Nummer befindet sich auf dem PSU-Etikett neben der Seriennummer. The stabilizers on the K60 are also improved, even compared to Corsair’s K95 Platinum RGB XT, their previous flagship keyboard. Corsair is the first to use these budget-oriented Cherry Viola switches in their K60 lineup, affordable gaming mechanical keyboards. If you plan on changing the caps out anyways, then get the cheaper version. The CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO mechanical gaming keyboard is a slim, durable peripheral that will provide avid gamers with a way to easily traverse the digital landscape and enjoy enhanced comfort during long-term use. Versand. Standardisiertes Layout zur Anpassung der Tastenkappen. And yes, the new Cherry VIOLA switches have cross-shaped stems. If you’re currently using a mechanical keyboard, this is most likely the profile that you are used to. 139,99 € 139,99 € inkl. Really, no sliding is happening here. It’s slightly higher than Cherry-profile, but it’s still uniform and vary from row to row, making it easier to determine where the keys are with muscle memory and touch. Finally, they listen to people and get a standard bottom row and PBT keycaps. Know more about our affliate disclosure terms. |, K60 RGB PRO Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — CHERRY VIOLA — Black (DE). So the switch has less parts than typical mechanical switches. This means the switch doesn’t need to be soldered into the board even, and it isn’t. The switches are hot-swappable, so you can fix out broken switches when the time comes. The bottom out sound and feel is barely there due to the contact area being so small. Twitter. It is subtle and doesn’t stand out. Die in Deutschland entwickelten und produzierten CHERRY-Tastenschalter sind für extreme Haltbarkeit gefertigt, mit garantierter Zuverlässigkeit und einem gleichbleibend guten Betätigungsgefühl während der gesamten Lebensdauer des Tastenschalters. Another upgrade from previous Corsair boards is that there is finally a standard bottom row. The K60 has a simple no-frills look with its all black appearance. I mean, how else are you going to show off your setup? Their bottom housing is slightly opague with a milky appearance, diffusing any RGB that the keyboard has. Arbeitsspeicher: Die Nummer befindet sich auf dem Etikett des Speichermoduls. The additional wrist rest is the same wrist rest provided on the 2020 flagship, the Corsair K100. Definitely a plus for Corsair boards. Corsair's K60 RGB Pro delivers what few if any other gaming keyboards can: a full-size mechanical gaming keyboard experience complete with per … Cherry covers the basic facts in their specifications page on their website. This isn’t a big deal when you’re wearing a headset, but if anyone around you has sensitive hearing, they might find it annoying. The rest of the case is made of plastic. By. 11.931 Meinungen. It’s possible to decrease/increase the backlighting brightness via holding FN and F3 or F4 respectively. In this review, we are looking at the K60 RGB Pro SE with PBT keycaps. Without the software open, you are limited to the preset lighting effects that you cycle through on the board. Sichere Erfassung jeder Tasteneingabe, egal wie schnell Sie spielen. Letztere setzt dabei auf die bekannten Cherry MX RGB Low Profile Speed Taster, die wir schon aus der Corsair K70 Low Profile kennen. However, the K60 is also great for gamers looking to purchase a gaming mechanical keyboard with authentic Cherry switches without spending a premium price. On the bottom are 6 rubber feet. CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO mechanical gaming keyboard possesses a slim and durable design Gadget Flow - Amy Poole. Und für knapp 140 Euro UVP kann ich eine ganze Menge an anderen mechanischen Tastaturen finden, die die höher positionierten Cherry-MX-Switches verbaut haben. Inside is a cushioned memory foam. Of course, there is a short manual to describe the RGB key combinations, parts of the board, and where to download the software. Die K60 RGB Pro ist eine klassische 100-Prozent-Tastatur mit Nummernblock und F-Tastenreihe. Die Corsair K60 RGB Pro ist die erste Gaming-Tastatur auf dem Markt, die als mechanische Schalter die Budget-Taster der Serie "Viola" von Cherry nutzt. The modifiers such as enter, shift, ctrl, etc are still in all capital letters. The secondary media functions can be accessed via holding FN and specific buttons of the function row. After using them for a long time, it makes me want to use a switch that actually does bottom out with a thocc. Definitely a unique product with unique switches. Die neue Tastatur hört auf den Namen K60 RGB PRO und ist als standard Version und in der K60 RGB PRO Low Profile mit besonders flachen Cherry-Tastern erhältlich. Betty has been using mechanical keyboards since 2014. The typing experience on them is very interesting. Im Vergleich zu diesen soll sich die K60 RGB Pro unter anderem durch eine hochwertige Materialwahl hervorheben: Die von Corsair verwendete Oberfläche aus gebürstetem Aluminium wirkt ausgesprochen edel, ebenso wie das sehr dezent untergebrachte Herstellerlogo an der rechts-oberen Seite. Dem Ziel … These effects can be accessed through holding FN and then any number from 1 to 0. Like all other Corsair mechanical keyboards, there is a nondetachable USB cable. However, it is sturdy and does not creak or flex under manual pressure. When I first used the K60, I had moments where I didn’t actuate because the spring progressively gets heavier at its actuation point. This is a very different mechanical keyboard than others that we have reviewed here at Switch and Click. Arrives before Christmas . Rechnung Vorkasse. This greatly reduces the rattle that was present in their previous models. link to How to Take Better Photos Of Your Keyboard (Among Other Things), Corsair K60 RGB Pro can be purchased here, check out the Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE here, Static color – which rotates between many different colors. You can check out the Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE here on Amazon for an affordable price as well as the other options they have available, the one without PBT keycaps or the low-profile version. I would even call it stylish. The regular version of the K60 without PBT keycaps costs about $10 less, so it’s up to you if you want to pay the extra price or not. Alongside this, the K60 features a floating keycap-style design, where the switches are visible. As someone who has struggled... We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. Versand. The K60 is the first of its kind with these unique switches, and they may be worth trying out if you’re looking for silence without the mushy feel. These are properly lubed with precision and care. Versandkosten: ab 0,00 € Details. No one would even know that you’re using a gaming keyboard if you were to take it out in public. Bei der CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO Mechanischen Gaming-Tastatur gehen Form und Inhalt Hand in Hand dank des robusten Rahmens aus gebürstetem Aluminium und … The top housing is clear with a cross-shaped step to attach to the keycaps. All of their stabilizers sound much better, and it’s no longer a glaring issue that possible made their keyboards unusable for some. The SE version can be purchased here (affiliate) on Best Buy because it’s an exclusive. When active, the LED will shine white. At the top right of the board is the Corsair logo in a glossy black material. To use your custom lighting effects, the iCUE software must be opened. 21. Corsair K60 RGB Pro. The regular K60 Pro uses linear and smooth Cherry Viola switches, which feel fine but make a slight metallic scraping sound when pressed down. Now you can only see the plushness of it. Erleben Sie die unvergleichliche Gaming-Intensität von iCUE-integrierten Spielen, bei denen die RGB-Beleuchtung dynamisch und in Echtzeit auf Aktionen und Ereignisse im Spiel reagiert. After thorough testing, these switches and this keyboard are best for people who want a relatively silent mechanical keyboard compared to other switches such as MX Browns and Reds. Die Chargennummern für Produkte von Corsair sind in der Regel an folgenden Stellen zu finden. The Corsair K60 RGB Pro can be purchased here on Amazon for an affordable price. They have their stabilizer wires lubed, and not just globbed on like some other keyboards. The cable is thin and rubber coated, coming right out the back of the board. The legends are updated to be smaller and less square-looking. Gehäuse: Die Nummer befindet sich auf der Rückseite. The Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE is a boiler-plate mechanical gaming keyboard with a couple small flourishes that are primarily impressive because of … Facebook. Lie­fe­rung in 14-15 Werk­ta­gen. Kühlung: Die Nummer befindet sich auf dem Radiator. They have a 45g spring force, total distance of 4.0mm, and an actuation distance of 2.0mm. The Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE is perfect for people who want an affordable but authentic mechanical switch. Rücksendung 14 Tage kostenfrei. However, they are not shown anywhere on the board. The Corsair K60 RGB Pro costs $89.99 direct from Corsair or from Target. It’s comfortable to type on and great for gaming, but there are some missing features. PBT double-shot keycaps ensure durability and clean legends Premium look and feel Detachable wrist rest Good value The new Corsair K60 Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboards deliver the essentials you would expect; durable aluminium frames, vibrant per-key RGB backlighting options, iCUE personalisation, full … You get the keyboard itself and the plush wrist rest that we’ll discuss in-depth down below. Stellt sicher, dass Sie niemals im falschen Moment aus dem Spiel gerissen werden. The keycaps of the Pro version are made of doubleshot PBT plastic, which is oil-resistant and feels slightly rougher than ABS plastic. You can also increase/decrease the effect speed and change the direction. Corsair K60 RGB Pro Keyboard Review. This means if you don’t like the keycaps they provide, you are free to swap them out with whatever custom keycap set you may own. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie im Artikel zu Chargennummern für eine bestimmte Produktreihe in der Wissensdatenbank von Corsair. However, this one only requires a singular USB port on your PC because there’s no USB-passthrough on this board. Props to Corsair on this one. It ditches the old wrist rest style with the plastic outline. They are linear with no tactile bump. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Die Oberseite ist aus schwarz eloxiertem Aluminium, der untere Teil aus Kunststoff. The Corsair K60 is compatible with the iCUE software, which you can use to program RGB effects and macros. Nur eine Woche nach der kabellosen Maus Katar Pro hat Corsair schon den nächsten Knaller bereit: Mit der K60 RGB Pro bringt Corsair die erste Tastatur mit Cherrys neuen Viola-Tastern auf den Markt. Subscribe to get updates on the latest keyboard news, reviews, and giveaway updates. With Cherry Viola switches, this is a proper mechanical keyboard for gamers on a budget. Erhellen Sie Ihren Desktop mit lebendiger RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtung. Bei der mechanischen Gaming-Tastatur CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO gehen Form und Inhalt Hand in Hand dank des robusten Rahmens aus gebürstetem Aluminium und den mechanischen CHERRY VIOLA-Tastenschaltern, bei denen die RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtung der einzelnen Tasten alles lebendig erhellt. CORSAIR K60 RGB PRO, Ga­ming-Key­board, Mechanisch. However, with much discussion, we’ve come to the conclusion that these switches should not be lubed due to the fact that there is no bottom coverage. We also see the Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Windows Lock indicators on the top right. Guess I got to memorize them. It’s more professional, and it looks much easier to read. Cherry has not yet announced a rating for these switches, so who knows how long they’ll last. Despite Cherry’s purpose of the Cherry VIOLA switches being made to replace mass consumer keyboards, Corsair took this opportunity to make more affordable gaming keyboards with superb features such as PBT keycaps, per-key programmable RGB lighting, lubed stabilizers, a premium plush wrist rest, and a standard layout. In the golden age of forums and social media, being able to take awesome photos of your keyboard is must. Lie­fe­rung in 14-15 Werk­ta­gen; Amazon Prime bei idealo Jetzt aktivieren. The Cherry VIOLA switches are very interesting. Publisher-October 13, 2020. The Corsair K60 RGB Pro is a solid entry into the world of gaming keyboards. SSD: Die Nummer befindet sich auf dem Etikett auf der Oberseite des SSD. However, stats don’t say much on how a switch performs and feels. It’s possible for any lube to leak onto the PCB and render it useless. Bàn phím cơ Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE Viola switch Bàn phím cơ Gaming thế hệ mới Sử dụng switch Cherry Viola mới nhất Vỏ trên phím bằng nhôm anod đen LED RGB 16.8 triệu màu điều chỉnh bằng phần mềm iCUE Phiên bản SE có kê tay đi kèm It’s not as full and functional as the flagship K100, but it definitely is programmable to your personal liking with all the macros you may want. Despite having custom keyboards on my desk, I’ve been able to use the K60 for several days without feeling the need to switch off. However, it lacks a covered bottom. A close inspection of the manual provided indicates that the Corsair K60 has secondary media functions. The sound is quiet and similar to a silent switch such as Cherry MX Silent Reds, but it doesn’t have the mushy bottom-out feel. $99.99 $ 99. There are many onboard RGB effects that you can use without needing to access the iCUE software. However, the K60 is also great for gamers looking to purchase a gaming mechanical keyboard with authentic Cherry switches without spending a premium price. With a sleek aluminum frame and extra-effective RGB, the style of this kit is hard to beat. Pinterest. Neben der Corsair K60 RGB Pro wird es global auch eine K60 Pro mit Cherry Viola-Schaltern und einfarbig roter Beleuchtung, eine K60 RGB Pro SE mit … Mäuse: Die Nummer befindet sich auf dem Etikett neben dem USB-Stecker. The Corsair K60 RGB Pro is the middle child in Corsair’s entry-level mechanical keyboard range, and it boasts a brushed aluminum board and per-key RGB lighting. It is susceptible to scratches, but these can easily be wiped off with just your fingers. Die Corsair K60 RGB Pro ist die erste und bisher auch einzige Tastatur, die auf die brandneuen, mechanischen Schalter vom Typ Viola setzt: Die … If you need any ideas, we have compiled a list of the best keycap sets out there that won’t destroy your wallet. CORSAIR, a world leader in high-performance gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today announced the launch of the new K60 RGB PRO, the first CORSAIR keyboard to feature CHERRY VIOLA keyswitches. Their hope is to take over the budget market and phase out membrane and rubber dome technologies. The wrist rest is magnetic and attaches to the board via the bottom, snaps right in. Wechseln Sie zwischen verschiedenen Profilen. The reason is that Cherry Viola switches do not have any history around them other than their initial announcement in January 2020. Kompatibel mit CORSAIR iCUE Die K60 RGB Pro ist per se keine schlechte Tastatur für ihren Preis – auf keinen Fall – aber die verbauten Cherry Viola Switches wurden von Cherry als günstigere Einsteiger Switches entwickelt und auf den Markt gebracht. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. There are four rectangular rubber feet to prevent sliding when in use. In fact, the aluminum frame provides … Inside the box, there are not many or any accessories to discuss. Die K60 RGB PRO punktet mit zahlreichen Premium-Features, die mechanische Gaming-Tastaturen von CORSAIR seit jeher auszeichnen. I love it, it’s a unique small detail that shows someone took some care in the design process. DHL Hermes. More Buying Choices $89.99 (4 new offers) Corsair K68 Mechanical … It's perfectly natural to spill... How to Take Better Photos Of Your Keyboard (Among Other Things). Ermöglichen blitzschnelle Regelung von Medienwiedergabe, Lautstärke und Onboard-Lichteffekten. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. The Corsair K60 RGB Pro SE is a boiler-plate mechanical gaming keyboard with a couple small flourishes that are primarily impressive because of the keyboard’s …

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