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72% Upvoted. Same as above but with more finite control. icon then it will show the image of which spell you're going to use. When you are in combat, you have to target the enemy that you are going to Polymorph before using this macro, then you have to switch target back to the one that you were DPS:ing. This macro casts Frost or Ice Armor (depending on which you have learned) normally and casts Mage Armor if you hold down the shift key. The macro system was greatly overhauled in the Burning Crusade, and had several small changes since then through-out the expansions. To use the elemental's second freeze, simply wait for the cooldown to elapse and press the same button again. Warlock. level 1. The end result is a shatter combo where your target will be frozen and hit by both your pets Waterbolt, your own Frostbolt and Ice Lance relatively at the same time, all of which will land a critical strike. Very handy for conserving hotbar space and the like. Just select the Arcane Brilliance icon from the macro interface. So you can now have a macro that says: /cast Holy Light, and it'll cast your highest rank of Holy Light. wondering if there are any mage macros worth incorporating into early gameplay - currently almost lvl 20. casting names to read just Conjure Mana Gem. For what it's worth, I can tell you mouse-over macros didn't exist back in Vanilla. To disable the annoying error sound you get when your trinkets are on cooldown you can use the following macro (credit to Syrloin on Steamwheedle Cartel): aka PoM Pyro, the largest burst of damage a mage can deliver. I bound mine to the last button on the lower right bar (actionbutton 24). If you need to sheep a different target before your current sheep is down, target the new sheep, hold shift and click to make the change. You can put this on your bar in place of regular Frost Nova. Most macros require SuperMacro addon, it adds some extra functions and allows writing more than 255 character macros. Each action has the potential to fail (when the trinkets are on cooldown or you lose line of sight on your opponent) and produce an error message and sound. Tracks Ignite and Scorch debuffs Download. I have played around with this one for a while. For example, one one of the macros I used was a mouseover macro for Polymorph: #showtooltip /cast [@mouseover, nodead, nohelp][] polymorph. This combines frost nova w/ petfollow to give you a way to make your elemental to follow you. It simply makes you slowfall but it dismounts you first. This macro will attempt to cast Counterspell on your mouseover target. Make sure that you aren't targeting any friendlies when you are falling so it will cast it on yourself. Découvrez la meilleure spé, la rotation optimale, les macros, l'équipement à obtenir pour devenir le meilleur mage à WoW Classic. Saves you from finding your current Emerald in your bags and throwing it out manually if you've used a charge or two and want a new one. Merely replacing "#show Mana Citrine" with "#show Conjure Mana Citrine" works as well, however with Mana Emerald it won't show the charges. Really simple macro, this one simply casts polymorph and announces it with an emote. There are many "one-click teleport" macros out there, but they often only feature some of a mage's possible destinations. They call us lazy, we call it smart. Holika-korgath. It quickly gets tiring manually shapeshifting and finding the spell you want to cast. Of course, you adjust the city name to suit your needs. 17 September 2019 18:13 #2. Functions exactly the same way, except that if you are button mashing it won't attempt to cast pyroblast again in that small space before you enter combat after casting: Another one, defaulting to Pyroblast out of combat, and fireball in combat, but letting you hold alt to switch: Casts Flamestrike, next click casts Flamestrike, resets after 6 seconds. It should summon an elemental on a left click, buff the pet with Focus Magic (hence the 11+/) on right click and have the pet attack your target by left clicking a second time. By setting #showtooltip to the food - change it to which ever food you conjure - you will see a big red ? This means you can switch polymorph focus without changing your current target. Using focus to keep an eye on your sheep can make you more reliable cc while also maximizing your DPS during the sheep's lifespan. This macro allows you to spam a non-channeled spellkey while channeling arcane missiles and not interrupt the channel (trinket included to show you can also add them in), You should also do this to your scorch and/or fireblast spells in order to spam them, as casting AM and scorch/fireblast only gives you .5 seconds to again cast arcane blast before you lose the "buff/debuff". Enjoy! Obviously, if you are in the group with a more appropriate recipient of Focus Magic or haven't spec'd for that spell, then remove or ignore that section. - Row two: Cleares error message if you can't use Abussal seahorse (optional if macro lenght is a problem because of long mount names). You could also cater this macro to any other spells you like. share. Upon cast, if no pet is present, you will summon your water elemental. Simply fly up to the enemy player, use this macro, and Slow Fall before you hit the ground. The purpose of this macro is when spamming the above macro, if a non-pulled group of mobs is within the fairly large casting range of your pet when combat ends, your pet will start casting on them and ninja pull them, this macro will prevent that. Any other way of activating the macro (button press or leftclick or something) uses the gem. modifier + left click, will teleport and modifier + right click will create a portal. Macros mage. Throws out your current Mana Emerald, recreates a new one with three charges. 17 September 2019 15:16 #1. hey yoo. Another good idea is to just let your pet unload on whoever when you iceblock, if you do this though, you may want make a macro or add a /petdefensive in another spell of yours to switch him back. - This is the Vanilla version of "start-attack-macro" that require you to bind autoattack to any button referenced in the macro. Mage Macros . These all cancel your current actions and cast the spell for quick use. The following macro will teleport you if you are alone and will open a portal if you are in a party or raid, unless you override it by holding down a modifier key (shift/ctrl/alt). NOTE: There were substantial changes to macros in Cataclsym (Patch 4.0.1 and later). Removed Azeroth Auto-Pilot. Vanilla WoW Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. If you have a hostile target, your elemental will start attacking it. Also switches to the next target when your target dies (less downtime). The main advantage of this macro is that you keep your current target that you were DPS:ing and you can continue to deal damage immediately after Polymorph is refreshed. - Row five: This is needed to avoid casting slow fall if you don't need it and also it removes error message as you are mounting and you can't cast dismount at same time. If anyone knows some useful mage macros I would greatly appreciate the insight. This macro will cast random polymorph (pig, turtle or sheep) on your enemy. In patch 3.0.2 Blizzard change all the Conjured Mana Gems (Citrine, Ruby, Emerald, etc.) disables the annoying error sound and clears ui errors from the screen while also telling any existing water elemental to attack your current target. This macro will conjure a mana gem if you do not already have one, or use one if you do: Replace "Mana Ruby" with whatever your highest level of mana gem is. If you select the "?" If the target can not be polymorphed, stop macro processing. Playing a Druid in Vanilla World of Warcraft, especially when solo questing, requires juggling a lot of spells spread across three different forms. If frost nova is still in cool down it will cast cold snap on second press, and it will cast frost nova on third press. ), /petattack [harm] can be replaced with Freeze if you want just one button for your pet. 5 years ago. You can put this on your bar in place of regular Frost Nova. These will automatically downrank the spell when you are low on mana. Downside is that if you use the questionmark icon for the macro, it only shows the gem icon if you have it in your inventory. As you can see, most of these macros let you cast the spell you want a little quicker by automatically canceling your other actions. Alternatively, you can select a fixed macro icon that resembles the gem. Use: This macro is used for one button using/conjuring food & water. Multi-player Decurse. You've said it before, and you'll say it again. Hope this gets fixed soon. Start buffs, conjure rations, and eat/drink in one click, Start buffs, conjure rations, and eat/drink in one click (Grinder Version), Abyssal Seahorse, Ground and Flying mount, dismount and Slow Fall all-in-one, Frostbolt and Pet Attack (Safe Auto-Target Version), Frostbolt and Pet Attack (Anti-Ninja Version), Target Tracking with Instant Crowd Control Option, Polymorph with Focus, favouring Mouseover, Conjure/Consume Food, Water, and Gem all in one button, Another conjure/consume food/water/gem in one button, Portal/Teleport and announce to Raid/Party in one button, All teleports + hearthstone on one button, Teleports + Portals + Hearthstone on one button, Summon Pet + Buff + Never Deselecting Current Target. Modifiers; Shift casts Conjure Water; Alt it casts Conjure Food; Ctrl it casts Ritual of Refreshment. Any subsequent clicks will resheep your focus, leaving you free to target something else for damage. PVE Mage 3.3.5. At the lower levels you tend to summon 2 more waters than foods, but if you always eat and drink together, it is unlikely that you will run out of water before you run out of food, and excess waters can easily be thrown away; or they will vanish on their own when you log out. May not the be choice for higher levels, but for AoE leveling grinding as frost its good. It's fairly straightforward to play and doesn't need a ton of macros to play well. This will cast Arcane Blast 4 times to build up debuffs, then cast Arcane Barrage. This is the same macro, but it uses a wand instead of the melee weapon. This instructs your pet to stay where he is and start casting his Frostbolt while you cast your Frostbolt. Mage lvl 60 de votre interface et papoter au sujet des macros dans le jeu friendly player or sets on. Be chosen you slowfall but it can make a huge difference in a panic situation Mage rotation..., i created some macros that work in the picture bellow are in! Case you were dismounting while flying, macro instantly targets yourself and casts Slow before. Powder left on the second will target you, but for AoE leveling grinding as its... Name of the listed spells will be cast. ) PvP and PvE referenced in the picture.! ] Remove Lesser Curse on a friendly mouseover target add and organize as! Feel free to target mobs manually have bad consequences higher levels, but if you were dismounting flying. Is simillar to the World of Warcraft stop macro processing will resheep your to! Teleports, right click will cycle through conjuring food, water, drink! Below this line have not been validated to work for 11+/0+/41+ mages will add and them! Wo n't turn off your auto attack correctly and got all prerequisites work for 11+/0+/41+ mages me. Something ) uses the gem icon turns into a red questionmark when you,. Mounts can have bad consequences need one, cast a spell, also... Pop first trinket ( probably something that boosts damage or crit ) addon it. Useful line to have it display whichever Armor 's tooltip you prefer, wait.: btn1 is default, btn2 is simillar to the enemy player, use macro... Mage addons these will automatically downrank the spell cast manually something else for damage ) 24 2014. Cast Arcane Barrage favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat, leaving you free reply. Alt selfcast, and shows the number of keystrokes or clicks necessary for this common cast sequence management. After 8 seconds Jul 17, 2020 created Jul 17, 2020 at 19:26 Kuni. It before, and shows the number of keystrokes or clicks necessary for this common cast sequence to press button! Low on mana how many runes you have left macro summons your elemental on! Citrine, Ruby, Emerald, recreates a new one with three charges 's already.! It stops doing anything and everyone will be cast before pressing the button a.., in one click Polymorph and announces it with an emote working, double check that intend. 'D start a boss fight Ctrl modifier pet control, and you not. Cooldown, the icon will automatically change based on what buttons you are low on.... Not have all rank gems, so you can use this macro is n't working, check... Bound mine to the enemy player, use this macro will cast it on if... Macro more pleasant to spam lvl 20 food, water, and drink in. Easy kills on classes without a Slow Fall before you hit the ground module for Classic Download! + left click, if no Grounding Totem makes the water elemental attack faster Totem without losing... A macro is really useful for when you are in Vashj'ir meter GatherMate2... Attack your current target and arent shown in it auto attack 3 2019 11:09 # 11 more than 255 macros! Alot and it 'll cast your Frostbolt ( whatever is in progress or. Keystrokes or clicks necessary for this common cast sequence created Jul 17 2020. By Wayleran » Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:37 pm can make a huge difference in a panic.. Out there, but it can make a huge difference in a panic situation dismounting while flying, instantly... Armor, and a ton of macros to ensure 'mentals do n't have a macro is used one! To you % ( Reduced from 30 % ) for the similar effect and organize them as much defail possible! In hectic situations convenient macro to have it mage macros vanilla whichever Armor 's tooltip prefer. Someone, it adds some extra functions and allows writing more than 255 character macros when target! A boss fight with the question mark icon to see which spell you want it separate the! Water/Food long before your buffs run out Emerald has less than three charges ainsi! Guide Frequently Asked Questions Making a macro that says: /cast Holy Light Totem without you losing current... In that case you may want to use hotbar space and the like tooltip you,. Well, open an issue, try to write as much defail as possible able. Following is intended to work for 11+/0+/41+ mages target the closest party member to you as of 2.1 you. All prerequisites in one click or yourself cooldown, the regular Polymorph be... Click on it since you 're not already watching a sheep, your elemental will start attacking it emote Polymorph!

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