PMP Quy Trình Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 11.3
Process Name: Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis (11.3)

Process Group: P

Prioritizing risks for further analysis or action by assessing and combining their probability of occurrence and impact to an individual identified risk on the project objectives. It does not directly address the overall risk project objectives (will archive via Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis)

1. Risk mgmt Plan

2. Risk Register

3. Scope Baseline

4. EEF

5. OPA
1. Risk Probability and Impact assessment

2. Probability and Impact Matrix

3. Risk Data Quality Assessment

4. Risk Categorization

5. Risk Urgency Assessment

6. Expert Judgment
1. Proj Doc Updates


Critical success factors:

  1. Use agreed-Upon Approach
  2. Use agreed-upon definitions of Risk Terms
  3. Collect high-quality information about Risks
  4. Perform iterative quality risk analys



Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Process

Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis Process | luyen thi PMP RMP online

PMP 5 Process Groups Map:

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