Agile KS 2 – Agile Frameworks & Terminology – PMI-ACP Exam


  • Meetings: Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, Daily Scrum
  • Roles: Product Owner (i/c product backlog), Scrum Master, Members (Developers)
  • Artifacts: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Burn-down Charts
  • Characteristics: everything time-boxed, short sprint (= iteration) around 2-4 weeks, self-managing team, potentially shippable increments

Extreme Programming (XP)

  • Meetings: Release Planning, Iteration Planning, Daily Stand Up
  • Roles: Tracker, Customer, Programmer, Coach, Manager, Tester
  • Artifacts: Vision, User Story, Customer Test, Release Plan, Metaphor (System of Names), Iteration Plan, Coding Standard, Unit Test, Production Code, Build
  • Values: simplicity, communication, feedback, courage
  • Key practices: planning game, small releases, customer acceptance tests, simple design, pair programming, test-driven development, refactoring, continuous integration, collective code ownership, coding standards, system metaphor and sustainable pace
  • Characteristics: disciplined, frequent interval around 1-3 weeks, for software only

Lean Software Development

  • Artifacts: Kanban Board
  • Principles: eliminating waste, amplifying learning (continuous improvement), deferring commitment, delivering fast, respecting people / empowering the team, building quality in, optimizing the whole
  • Characteristics: focus on value stream, just-in-time, work-in-process (WIP) limits

Dynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)

  • For planning, managing, executing, and scaling agile and iterative software development projects
  • “Fitness for business purpose” as the primary criteria for delivery and acceptance
  • 80% of the system that can be deployed in 20% of the time

Feature Driven Development (FDD)

  • Model-driven, short iterations, design by feature – build by feature, features need to be “useful in the eyes of the client”


  • Lightweight, adaptable, a family of methodologies to be tailored based on team size, system criticality and project priorities



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