Agile KS 3 – Innovation Games – PMI-ACP Exam

Agile KS 3 – Innovation Games – PMI-ACP Exam

Includes collaborative and innovation games, examples:

  • Remember the future : imagine it is the future after a successful release, what would have been completed to bring the success (to solicit requirements)
  • Prune the product tree : create a tree (trunk and branches) image, ask team to fill up the trunk and branches with core/additional features (for brainstorming)
  • Speedboat / sailboat : draw a boat (representing a user story) on water surface, brainstorm what would anchor (threats) / accelerate (opportunities) the boat (to gather risks)
  • Buy a feature : customers are given a fixed amount of money to purchase a pool of differently priced features (for prioritization)
  • Bang-for-the-buck : put features / backlogs on a chart with money vs value (to optimize value delivery)


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