Tổng hợp 100 chủ đề liên quan luyện thi Agile – PMI-ACP 


  1. 04 Agile manifesto
  2. 12 Agile principles
  3. PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
  4. PMI-ACP Exam Outline
  5. 06 Declaration of interdependence for Modern Management
  6. Agile Tools & Techniques:
    1. Agile analysis and design
    2. Agile estimation
    3. Agile Communications
    4. Agile Metrics
    5. Agile Product quality
    6. Planning, Monitoring and Adapting
    7. Agile Risk management
    8. Soft Skills Negotiation (Interpersonal skills)
    9. Value Stream Analysis (Process improvement)
    10. Value-based prioritization
  7. Agile Knowledge & Skills
  8. Agile Scrum Note
  9. Agile XP Note
  10. Agile Lean & Kanban Note
  11. Agile FDD, DSDM, Crystal Family Note

+ Scrum

  1. Scrum overview and Scrum Basic
  2. Scrum History
  3. Scrum Roles:
    1. Scrum Team
    2. Scrum Master
    3. Scrum Product Owner
  4. What is Sprint?
  5. Scrum Meetings
    1. Sprint Planning Meeting
    2. Sprint Review Meeting
    3. Sprint Retrospective Meeting
    4. Daily Scrum
  6. Scrum Artefacts
  7. User Story
  8. Do we need a complicated story hierarchy?
  9. Story Point
  10. Scrum – Things you need to keep in mind
  11. Scrum vs Waterfall
  12. A Scrum case study / example
  13. Why Agile/Scrum?
  14. Project manager within Scrum? Product owner vs Scrum master
  15. Scrum Product Backlog
  16. Scrum Poker / Planning Poker
  17. Scrum Burn Down Chart
  18. Scrum Release Planning
  19. Sprint Backlog
  20. Definition of Done (DoD)
  21. Distributed & Large Scrum Projects
  22. Multi Scrum Team Coordination and Planning
  23. Change in Agile? Is it FREE?
  24. Should the team set the Target Scope during Sprint Planning Meeting?


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