Agile Project Chartering là gì? Luyện thi PMI-ACP

Agile Project Chartering là gì? Luyện thi PMI-ACP

The project charter is a formal document to justify, explain, define and authorize a project including the following elements (at a minimum):

  • Vision – “Why” of the project (purpose)
  • Mission – “What” of the project (What will be done)
  • Success criteria –  “How” to define success

Project charter can be detailed and formally approved or barely sufficient. Unlike the PMBOK guide, there is NO pre-defined formal process in Agile to create the project charter. But Project charter must be created for Agile projects and traditional projects alike.


Project charter is a part of Agile Analysis and Design Tools & Techniques


[wc_highlight color=”red”]ELEMENTS FOR AGILE PROJECT CHARTER [/wc_highlight]

  • The 1st document for the project
  • A formal document to authorize the official kickoff of the project with barely sufficient information
    • Background, objectives, vision (why) and mission (what), stakeholders of the project
    • Preliminary direction, scope
    • High-level budget, timeline
    • High-level risk and constraints
    • Communication plan
    • Success criteria
  • Agile charters address more about the “How” instead of “What” of the project
  • Can make use of the Project Elevator Statement
    • For – (target customers)
    • who – (need to do what)
    • , the – (product / service)
    • is a – (product category)
    • that – (key benefits)
    • . Unlike – (competitive products)
    • , we – (primary differentiation)
  • Progressive elaborated


Nếu có bất cứ chia sẻ về luyện thi PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP hay góp ý bạn vui lòng chia sẻ ở dưới phần bình luận. Tôi rất vui lòng về điều đó. Cảm ơn.


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