Tìm hiểu về Agreements ITTO trong đề thi PMP

Tìm hiểu về Agreements ITTO trong đề thi PMP


Agreements are used to define initial intentions for a project. Agreements may take the form of contracts, memorandums of understanding (MOUs), service level agreements (SLA), letters of agreement, letters of intent, verbal agreements, email, or other written agreements. Typically, a contract is used when a project is being performed for an external customer


The major components in an agreement document will vary, but may include the following:

  • Statement of work or deliverables,
  •  Schedule baseline,
  •  Performance reporting,
  •  Period of performance,
  •  Roles and responsibilities,
  •  Seller’s place of performance,
  •  Pricing,
  •  Payment terms,
  •  Place of delivery,
  •  Inspection and acceptance criteria,
  •  Warranty,
  •  Product support,
  •  Limitation of liability,
  •  Fees and retainer,
  •  Penalties,
  •  Incentives,
  •  Insurance and performance bonds,
  •  Subordinate subcontractor approvals,
  •  Change request handling, and
  •  Termination clause and Alternative Dispute Resolution(ADR) mechanisms. The ADR method can be decided in advance as a part of the procurement award.


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