Tìm hiểu Benefits Management Plan ITTO trong luyện thi PMP

The project benefits management plan is the document that describes how and when the benefits of the project will be delivered, and describes the mechanisms that should be in place to measure those benefits. A project benefit is defined as an outcome of actions, behaviors, products, services, or results that provide value to the sponsoring organization as well as to the project’s intended beneficiaries. Development of the benefits management plan begins early in the project life cycle with the definition of the target benefits to be realized. The benefits management plan describes key elements of the benefits and may include but is not limited to documenting the following:

  • Target benefits (e.g., the expected tangible and intangible value to be gained by the implementation of the project; financial value is expressed as net present value);
  • Strategic alignment (e.g., how well the project benefits align to the business strategies of the organization);
  • Timeframe for realizing benefits (e.g., benefits by phase, short-term, long-term, and ongoing);
  • Benefits owner (e.g., the accountable person to monitor, record, and report realized benefits throughout the timeframe established in the plan);
  • Metrics (e.g., the measures to be used to show benefits realized, direct measures, and indirect measures);
  • Assumptions (e.g., factors expected to be in place or to be in evidence); and
  • Risks (e.g., risks for realization of benefits).

Developing the benefits management plan makes use of the data and information documented in the business case and needs assessment. For example, the cost-benefit analyses recorded in the documents illustrate the estimate of costs compared to the value of the benefits realized by the project. The benefits management plan and the project management plan include a description of how the business value resulting from the project becomes part of the organization’s ongoing operations, including the metrics to be used. The metrics provide verification of the business value and validation of the project’s success.

Development and maintenance of the project benefits management plan is an iterative activity. This document complements the business case, project charter, and project management plan. The project manager works with the sponsor to ensure that the project charter, project management plan, and the benefits management plan remain in alignment throughout the life cycle of the project. See Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide [7], The Standard for Program Management [3], and The Standard for Portfolio Management [2]


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