PMP Quy Trình Close Project or Phase 4.7

PMP Quy Trình Close Project or Phase 4.7
Process Name: Close Project or Phase

Process Group: C

Finalizing all activities across all of the Project Management Process Group to formally complete the project or phase. It is used also for projects which are terminated before completion.

1. Project charter
2. Proj Mgmt Plan – ALL
3. Project documents
Assumption log
Basis of estimates
Change log
Issue log
LL register
Milestone list
Project communications
Quality control measurements
Quality reports
Requirements documentation
Risk register
Risk report

4. Accepted Deliverables
5. Business documents
Business case
Benefits management plan

6. Agreements
7. Procurement documentation
8. OPA
1. Expert Judgment

2. Data analysis
Document analysis
Regression analysis
Trend analysis
Variance analysis
3. Meetings
1. Final Product, Service, or result transition
2. Final report
3. Project documents update
LL register

4. OPA Updates

PMP Process Groups Map:

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