PMI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct


This Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct will be applied during PMP and PMI-ACP Exam.


  • In the best interest of the society, public and environment
  • Accept assignments consistent with skills and fulfill commitments
  • Accept stretch assignment when the assigner is fully aware of the skill gaps
  • Own error and make corrections
  • Uphold laws and regulations
  • Report illegal/unethical activities substantiated with facts
  • Ask for direction should the decision is beyond assigned authority


  • Show respect to others
  • Listen and understand others
  • Conduct in a professional manner, even if not reciprocated
  • Resolve conflicts directly
  • Negotiate in good faith
  • Do not influence others for personal benefits
  • Respect others rights


  • Transparency in decision making
  • Be objective
  • Provide equal access to information, equal opportunities
  • Disclose any conflict of interests and refrain from making decisions in case of conflict of interest
  • Do not deny opportunities base on personal considerations
  • Do not discriminate
  • Apply rules without favoritism or prejudice


  • Understand the truth and be truthful
  • Honour commitments
  • Not to deceive others
  • Not engage in dishonest behavior for personal gain / at the expense of others



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