PMP Collect Requirements Process 5.2
Process Name: Collect Requirements (5.2)
Process Group: P
Concept: Determining, documenting and managing Stakeholders’s needs and requirements to meet the project objectives.
Key Benefits: Provide the basic for defining and managing the project scope including project scope.
Input Tool/Techniques Output
1. Project Charter
2. Project management plan
Scope mgmt plan
Requirements mgmt plan
Stakeholder engagement plan
3 . Project documents
Assumption log
LL register
Stakeholder register
4. Business document
Business case
5. Agreements
6. EEF
7. OPA
1. Expert judgment
2. Data gathering
– Focus group
– Questionnaires and surveys
3. Data analysis
Document analysis
4. Decision making
– Voting
– Multicriteria decision analysis
5. Data representation
– Affinity diagrams
– Mind mapping
6. Interpersonal and team skills
– Nominal group technique
Observation / Conversation
– Facilitation
7. Context diagram
8. Prototypes
1. Requirements doc
2. Requirements traceability matrix

PMP Process Groups Map:

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