Công cụ quản lý dự án Communication Technology ITTO trong PMP là gì?

Công cụ quản lý dự án Communication Technology ITTO trong PMP là gì?


Communication technology is important in addressing the team development issues in colocated and virtual teams. It helps build a harmonious environment for the colocated team and a better understanding for the virtual team, especially those working in different time zones. Examples of communication technology that may be used are:

  • Shared portal. A shared repository for information sharing (e.g., website, collaboration software or intranet) is effective for virtual project teams.
  • Video conferencing. Video conferencing is an important technique for effective communication with virtual teams.
  • Audio conferencing. Communication within a team using audio conferencing is another technique to build rapport and confidence within virtual teams.
  • Email/chat. Regular communications using email and chat is also an effective technique.

Factors that can affect the choice of communication technology include:

Urgency of the need for information. There is a need to consider the urgency, frequency, and format of the information to be communicated as they may vary from project to project and also within different stages of a project.

Availability of technology. There is a need to ensure that the technology that is required to facilitate communication is compatible, available, and accessible for all stakeholders throughout the life of the project.

Ease of Use. There is a need to ensure that the choice of communication technologies is suitable for project participants and that appropriate training events are planned for, where appropriate.

Project environment. There is a need to determine if the team will meet and operate on a face-to-face basis or in a virtual environment; whether they will be located in one or multiple time zones; whether they will use multiple languages for communication; and finally, whether there are any other project environmental factors, such as culture, which may affect communications.

Sensitivity and confidentiality of the information. There is a need to determine if the information to be communicated is sensitive or confidential and whether or not additional security measures need to be taken. Also, the most appropriate way to communicate the information should be considered.




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