Tìm hiểu Communications management plan ITTO trong luyện thi PMP

The communications management plan is a component of the project management plan that describes how project communications will be planned, structured, implemented, and monitored for effectiveness. The plan contains the following information:

  • Stakeholder communication requirements;
  • Information to be communicated, including language, format, content, and level of detail;
  • Escalation processes;
  • Reason for the distribution of that information;
  • Timeframe and frequency for the distribution of required information and receipt of acknowledgment or response, if applicable;
  • Person responsible for communicating the information;
  • Person responsible for authorizing release of confidential information;
  • Person or groups who will receive the information, including information about their needs, requirements, and expectations;
  • Methods or technologies used to convey the information, such as memos, email, press releases, or social media;
  • Resources allocated for communication activities, including time and budget;
  • Method for updating and refining the communications management plan as the project progresses and develops, such as when the stakeholder community changes as the project moves through different phases;
  • Glossary of common terminology;
  • Flow charts of the information flow in the project, workflows with possible sequence of authorization, list of reports, meeting plans, etc.; and
  • Constraints derived from specific legislation or regulation, technology, organizational policies, etc.

The communications management plan can include guidelines and templates for project status meetings, project team meetings, e-meetings, and email messages. The use of a project website and project management software can be included if these are to be used in the project.



Một cách nhìn dễ hiểu hơn về Communications management plan


Một số checkpoints quan trọng trong communication management plan:

  1. When the charter is finalized?
  2. When the WBS is created?
  3. When the risks are qualified and a risk score is determined?
  4. When the risk responses plan are created?
  5. Throughout completion of the project
  6. When creating the monthly report?
  7. When creating the weekly report?
  8. When scheduling the weekly meeting?
  9. When the go and no-go decision created?

Communication management plan to consider when identifying risks:

  1. Do you have any people on your team who are poor communication?
  2. What areas need specific and careful management of communication?
  3. Where are you most likely to have communication problems?
  4. How do you know your methods of communication are most effective for the stakeholder and the situation?




Questions: You have recently assumed charge of a Project from another Project Manager. You want to know what kind of information you should provide to different Stakeholders and what methods to adopt for this purpose. You will find this information in the:

a/ Communication management plan

b/ Performance reports

c/ Project records

d/ Communication plan

Đề bài hỏi Project Manager muốn biết loại thông tin cần cung cấp cho các loại stakeholder khác nhau trong dự án và những loại phương thức nào phù hợp cho cách thức này. Ta biết được communications management plan mô tả:

  1. What: Những gì cần trong communications?
  2. Why: Tại sao lại cần communications đó?
  3. Between whom: Loại communications hay kênh communications đó giữa ai với ai?
  4. Best methods for communicating: Phương thức nào tốt nhất để communicating?
  5. Responsibility for sending: Trách nhiệm người gởi là gì?
  6. When: Khi nào và tần suất bao nhiêu communications

=> Đáp án A.


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