Tìm hiểu công cụ Conflict Resolution trong Agile là gì? Luyện thi PMI-ACP

Conflict is inevitable and is good for project success when controlled.

Stages of Conflict – try not to escalate the conflict stage

  1. Problem to solve
  2. Disagreement – with self-protection
  3. Contest – taking sides (you-vs-me)
  4. Crusade – over-generalization in judgement
  5. World War – unresolvable

Focusing on turning conflicts into a win-win situation, often need to make use of emotional intelligence and active listening

Conflict resolution:

  • [x] Accommodation – identify points of agreements and play down disagreement
  • [x] Avoidance – ignore the conflict
  • [x] Compromise – both sides to give up something, a lose-lose situation
  • [x] Forcing – force one side to accept something, a win-lose situation
  • Confronting – open dialogue leading to problem resolution, a win-win situation
  • Collaboration – work together for mutually consented solution


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