Constructive team vs Destructive team trong luyện thi PMP

Constructive team vs Destructive team trong luyện thi PMP 

Constructive and destructive team roles indicate how your attitude effects overall team development. A constructive team role is one that helps team development and a destructive one is that which hampers team development. Constructive team roles are:

1. Initiator – let’s do this

2. Information seeker – don’t we have better information?

3. Information giver – My experience has been that…

4. Encourager – Mary that was very helpful

5. Clarifiers – I believe we are saying that….

6. Gate Keeper – We have not heard Elizabeth’s opinion on this issue yet. What do you think, Elizabeth?

7. Harmonizer – I believe that we are all saying the same thing

8. Summarizer – I feel that we can now reach an agreement

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#PS564 – Constructive team roles include which of the following?

A. Gate keeper, Harmonizer and Recognition seeker

B. Encourager, Harmonizer and Withdrawer

C. Harmonizer, Initiator and Devil’s advocate.

D. Summarizer, Harmonizer, and Initiator.

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Answer: D


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