PMP Quy Trình Control Procurements 12.3
Process Name: Control Procurements (12.3)

Process Group: M&C

Managing procurement relationships, monitoring contract performance, and making changes and corrections as needed.

1. Proj Mgmt Plan

2. Procurement Docs

3. Agreements (Contracts)

4. Approved CRs

5. Work Perf Reports

6. WPD
1. Contract Change Control System

2. Procurement Perf Reviews (Seller)

3. Inspections & Audits

4. Perf Reporting (to-manager)

5. Payment Systems

6. Claims Administration

7. Records Mgmt System
1. WPI
2. CRs

3. Proj Docs Updates

4. Proj Mgmt Plan Updates

5. OPA Updates

PMP 5 Process Groups Map:

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