PMP Quy Trình Control Quality 8.3

PMP Quy Trình Control Quality 8.3
Process Name: Control Quality (8.3)

Process Group: M&C

Monitoring and Recording results of executing the quality activities to assess performance and recommend necessary changes.

Key benefit:

  • (1) Identifying the causes of poor process or product quality, and recommending and take action to eliminate them.
  • (2) Verifying that project deliverables and works meet the requirements specifified by key stakeholder (also nescessary for final acceptance).

1. Project Management Plan

Quality management plan
2. Project documents
LL register
Quality metrics
Test and evaluation documents

3. WPD
4. Approved CRs

5. Deliverables

6. EEF
7. OPA
1. Data gathering
– Checklists
– Check sheets
– Statistical sampling
– Questionnaires and surveys
2. Data analysis
– Performance reviews
– Root cause analysis

3. Inspection

4. Testing / product evaluations
5. Data representation
– Cause and effect diagrams
– Control charts
– Histogram
– Scatter diagrams
6. Meetings
1. Quality Control Measurements
2. Verified Deliverables

3. CRs

4. WPI
5. Project Management Plan Updates

Quality management plan
6. Project documents Updates
Issue log
LL register
Risk register
Test and evaluation documents

PMP 5 Process Groups Map:

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