Quy trình Control Resources 9.6 trong luyện thi PMP

Quy trình Control Resources 9.6 trong luyện thi PMP

KA: Project Resource Management

Process Name: Control Resources

Phase: Monitoring and Controlling

Control Resources is the process of ensuring that the physical resources assigned and allocated to the project are available as planned, as well as monitoring the planned versus actual utilization of resources and taking corrective action as necessary. The key benefit of this process is ensuring that the assigned resources are available to the project at the right time and in the right place and are released when no longer needed. This process is performed throughout the project

1. Project Management Plan
Resource management plan
2. Project documents
Issue log
LL register
Physical resource assignments
Project schedule
Resource requirements
Risk register
3. WPD
4. Agreements
5. OPA
1. Data analysis
– Alternatives
– Cost benefit
– Performance reviews
– Trend analysis
2. Problem solving
3. Interpersonal and Team skills
– Negotiation
– Influencing
1. WPI
2. CRs
3. Project Management Plan updates
Resource management plan
Schedule baseline
Cost baseline
4. Project documents updates
Assumption log
Issue log
LL register
Physical resource assignments
Risk register

The Control Resources process should be performed continuously in all project phases and throughout the project life cycle. The resources needed for the project should be assigned and released at the right time, right place, and right amount for the project to continue without delays. The Control Resources process is concerned with physical resources such as equipment, materials, facilities, and infrastructure. Team members are addressed in the Manage Team process.

The Control Resources techniques discussed here are those used most frequently on projects. There are many others that may be useful on certain projects or in some application areas.

Updating resource allocation requires knowing what actual resources have been used to date and what is still needed. This is done mainly by reviewing the performance usage to date. Control Resources is concerned with:

  • Monitoring resource expenditures,
  • Identifying and dealing with resource shortage/surplus in a timely manner,
  • Ensuring that resources are used and released according to the plan and project needs,
  • Informing appropriate stakeholders if any issues arise with relevant resources,
  • Influencing the factors that can create resources utilization change, and
  • Managing the actual changes as they occur.

PMP Process group map: ITTO

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