PMP Quy Trình Develop Team 9.4

PMP Quy Trình Develop Team 9.4
Process Name: Develop Team

Process Group: E

 Improving the competencies, team interaction, and the overall team environment to enhance project performance.

1. Project Management Plan
RM Plan

2. Project documents
Proj Team Assignments

Resource Calendars
Team charter
Project schedule
LL register
3. EEF
4. OPA
1. Co-location

2. Virtual teams
3. Communication technology
4. Interpersonal & Team skills
– Conflict
– Influencing
– Motivation
– Negotiation
– Team building
5. Training

6. Recognition and rewards

7. Individual and team assessments
8. Meetings
1. Team Perf Assessments
2. CRs
3. Project management plan updates
Resource management plan
4. Project documents udpates
LL register
Project schedule
Project team assignments
Resource calendars
Team charter

5. EEF Updates
6. OPA Udpates

PMP Process Groups Map:

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