PMP Quy Trình Estimate Activity Durations 6.4
Process Name: Estimate Activity Durations

Process Group: P

Approximating the number of work periods needs to complete individual activities with estimated resources.

=> DURATION: the total number of work periods (not including holidays or other nonworking periods) requires to complete a schedule activity or WBS component. Usually expressed as work days, workweeks. Constrast with effort.

1. Project management plan
Schedule Mgmt Plan

2. Project documents
Activity List

Activities Attributes

- Resource Calendars

Risk Register
Assumption log
LL register
Milestone list
– Project team assignments
Resource requirements
Risk Register
7. EEF

8. OPA
1. Expert Judgment

2. Data analysis
Alternative Analysis

Reserve analysis
3. Analogous estimating
4. Parametric estimating
5. Three-point estimating

6. Bottom-up Estimating

7. Decision making
8. Meetings
1. Duration estimates

2. Basis of estimates
3. Project documents updates
Activity attributes
Activity list
Assumption log
LL register
PMP Process Groups Map:

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