PMP Quy Trình Estimate Activity Durations 6.5
Process Name: Estimate Activity Durations (6.5)

Process Group: P

Approximating the number of work periods needs to complete individual activities with estimated resources.

=> DURATION: the total number of work periods (not including holidays or other nonworking periods) requires to complete a schedule activity or WBS component. Usually expressed as work days, workweeks. Constrast with effort.

1. Schedule Mgmt Plan

2. Activity List

3. Activity Attributes

4. Activity Resource Requirements

5. Resource Calendars

6. Proj Scope Statement
7. Risk Register

8. RBS

9. EEF

10. OPA
1. Expert Judgment

2. Analogous Estimating

3. Parametric Estimating

4. Three Point Estimates

5. Group Decision Making
6. Reserve Analysis
1. Activity Duration Estimates

2. Proj Doc Updates
PMP 5 Process Groups Map:

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