PMP project management proffessional

22 Công việc cần làm trong giai đoạn Thi hành dự án (Executing PMP)


  1. Executing the work from Project Management Plan
  2. Produce product deliverables (product scope)
  3. Gather WPD
  4. Request changes
  5. Implement only approved changes
  6. Continuously improve
  7. Follow processes
  8. Determine whether processes are correct and effective (Quality assurance)
  9. Perform quality audits
  10. Acquire final team
  11. Manage people
  12. Evaluate team and individual performance
  13. Hold team-building activities
  14. Give recognition and rewards
  15. Use issue logs
  16. Facilitate conflict resolution
  17. Release resources as work is completed
  18. Send and receive information, solicit feedback
  19. Report on project performance
  20. Manage stakeholders engagement and expectations
  21. Hold meetings
  22. Select sellers


Theo PMBOK 22 Công việc cần làm trong giai đoạn Thi hành dự án xảy ra trong 8 quy trình sau:

  1. Direct and manage project work
  2. Perform quality assurance
  3. Acquire project team
  4. Develop project team
  5. Manage project team
  6. Manage communications
  7. Conduct procurements
  8. Manage stakeholder engagement

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