Agile KS 3 – Failure modes & Alternatives – PMI-ACP Exam

  • Five failure modes (basic reasons for failure to achieve excellence) according to Alistair Cockburn:
    • Making mistakes : that’s human nature
    • Preferring to fail conservatively : revert to ‘safe’ (even not optimal) methods
    • Inventing rather than researching : not to do research on the best available options but reinvent the wheels
    • Being creatures of habits : difficult to adopt new approaches
    • Being inconsistent : not follow processes consistently
  • Four success modes:
    • Being good at looking around
    • Being able to learn
    • Being malleable
    • Taking pride in work
  • Alternatives (solutions) to failure modes:
    • Start with something concrete and tangible / copying and altering
    • Watching and listening / gather feedback continuous
    • Personality-matched work assignments
    • Countering with discipline and tolerance
    • Retain talent / supporting concentration and communication / rewards that preserve joy : reward systems that appeal for the long-term / combining rewards : combine different reward systems to build a supportive environment
    • Frequent feedback


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