Tìm hiểu công cụ Information management ITTO trong luyện thi PMP

Information management tools and techniques are used to create and connect people to information. They are effective for sharing simple, unambiguous, codified explicit knowledge. They include but are not limited to:

  • Methods for codifying explicit knowledge; for example, for producing lessons to be learned entries for the lessons learned register;
  • Lessons learned register;
  • Library services;
  • Information gathering, for example, web searches and reading published articles; and
  • Project management information system (PMIS). PMIS often include document management systems.

Tools and techniques that connect people to information can be enhanced by adding an element of interaction, for example, include a “contact me” function so users can get in touch with the originators of the lessons and ask for advice specific to their project and context.

Interaction and support also helps people find relevant information. Asking for help is generally quicker and easier than trying to identify search terms. Search terms are often difficult to select because people may not know which keywords or key phrases to use to access the information they need.

Knowledge and information management tools and techniques should be connected to project processes and process owners. Communities of practice and subject matter experts (SMEs), for example, may generate insights that lead to improved control processes; having an internal sponsor can ensure improvements are implemented. Lessons learned register entries may be analyzed to identify common issues that can be addressed by changes to project procedures.


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