Tổng hợp những công việc hay hoạt động cần làm trong 5 giai đoạn quản lý dự án chuẩn PMI (IPECC)

Tổng hợp những công việc hay hoạt động cần làm trong 5 giai đoạn quản lý dự án chuẩn PMI (IPECC)

PMP IPECC Activities

  1. Initiating: 10 activities | 2 processes
  2. Planning: 24 activities | 24 processes
  3. Executing: 22 activities | 8 processes
  4. Monitoring & Controlling: 19 activities | 11 processes
  5. Closing: 9 activities | 2 processes


PMP Processes Chart

Select Project Manager Determine how you will plan for each Knowledge Area Execute the work according Project Management Plan Take action to control the project Confirm work is done to requirements
Determine company culture and existing systems Determine detailed requirements Produce product deliverables (product scope) Measure performance against the performance measurement baseline Complete procurement closure
Collect processes, procurements, history info Create project scope statement Gather WPD Measure performance against other metrics in Project Management Plan Gain final acceptance of the product
Divide large projects into phases Assess what to purchase and create procurement documents Change requests Analyze and evaluate performance Complete financial closure
Understanding business case Determine planning team Implement only approved changes Determine if variances warrant a corrective action or other change request Hand off completed product
Uncover initiating requirements, assumptions, risks, constraints, and existing agreements. Create WBS and WBS Dictionary Continuously improve Influence the factors that cause changes Solicit feedback from the customer about project
Assess project and product feasibility within the given constraints Create activity list Follow process Change requests Complete final performance reporting
Create measurement objectives Create network diagrams Determine whether processes are correct and effective (quality assurance) Perform integrated change control Index and archive records
Develop project charter Estimate resource requirements Perform quality audits Approve or reject changes Gather final Lessons Learned and update knowledge base
Identify stakeholders and determine their expectations, influence and impact Estimate time and cost Acquire final team Update Project Management Plan and Project documents
Determine critical path Manage project team Inform stakeholders of the results of change requests
Develop schedule Evaluate team and individual performance Control stakeholder engagement
Determine budget Hold team-building activities Manage configuration
Determine quality standards, processes and metrics Give rewards & recognition Create forecasts
Create process improvement plan Use issue logs Gain acceptance of interim deliverables from the customer
Determine all roles and responsibilities Facilitate conflict resolution Perform quality control
Plan communications and stakeholders engagement Release resources as work is completed Perform risk reassessments and audits
Perform risk identification, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, and risk response planning Send and receive info, and solicit feedback Manage reserves
Go back – iterations Report on project performance Control procurements
Finalize procurement documents Manage stakeholder engagement and expectations
Create change management plan Hold meetings
Finalize the “how to execute and control” parts of all management plans Select sellers
Develop realistic and final Project Management Plan and performance measurement baseline
Gain formal approval of plan
Hold kickoff meeting


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  1. PMP IPECC Activities:

    Nếu thêm 4 cột cho số total Input, T&T, Output, và Template của mỗi process thì sẽ rất tổng quát.


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