Thuật ngữ Iteration Planning trong Agile là gì? Luyện thi PMI-ACP

Iteration Planning is the meeting to plan and commit which user stories / backlog (usually with highest priority) to be turned into potentially shippable working software for the iteration based on the velocity of the team

Iteration 0 is the work before the actual development work begins

  • Technical and architectural setup
  • Gathering initial requirements into the backlog, etc.

Iteration H is the hardening iteration to test and prepare the software for launch

04 Steps of the Iteration Planning meeting:

  1. Customer to pick product backlog items with highest priority (or the team to select backlog items from among the release backlog through discussion with customer – the Product Owner has the final say in Scrum)
  2. Development Team to determine the tasks needed (as sprint backlog in Scrum)
  3. Team Members to choose the tasks through self-organization and estimate the time needed to compete the tasks (select the tasks themselves)
  4. Repeat until the capacities of all Team Members are full

Typical Agenda for Iteration Planning Meeting:

  • Opening
  • Product Vision and Roadmap
  • Development status, state of architecture, results of previous iterations
  • Iteration name and theme
  • Velocity in previous iterations / estimated velocity
  • Iteration time-box (dates, working days)
  • Team capacity
  • Issues and concerns
  • Review and update definition of Done
  • Stories / items from the backlog to consider
  • Tasking out
  • New issues and concerns
  • Dependencies and assumptions
  • Commit
  • Communication and logistics plan
  • Parking Lot
  • Action Items / Plan
  • Retrospect the meeting
  • Closing

Iteration Planning vs Release Planning

  • Iteration planning involves schedule development at lower/detail level about tasks and time
  • Release planning involves schedule development at high level about features and iterations

See more: Planning, Monitoring and Adapting Tools & Techniques


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