PMP Quy Trình Manage Communications 10.2
Process Name: Manage Communications 10.2

Process Group: E

Creating, Collecting distributing, Storing, Retrieving, Analysis of baseline vs. actual data (Work perf data), and the ultimate disposition of project info in accordance with the Comm Management Plan.

Key benefit: Enable an efficient and effective communications flow between project stakeholders.

1. Project Management Plan
Comm Mgmt Plan

- Resource management plan
Stakeholder engagement plan
2. Project documents
Change log
Issue log
LL register
Quality report
Risk report
Stakeholder register
3. WPR
4. EEF

5. OPA
1. Comm Technology

2. Communication skills
– Communication competence
– Feedback
– Non verbal
– Presentations
3. Comm Methods

5. Project reporting
6. Interpersonal and Team skills
– Active listening
– Conflict management
– Culture awareness
– Meeting management
– Networking
– Political awareness
7. Meetings
1. Proj Comms

2. Proj mgmt Plan Updates

Communication management plan
Stakeholder Engagement plan
3. Project documents Updates
Issue log
LL register
Project schedule
Risk register
Stakeholder register

4. OPA Updates
PMP Process Groups Map:

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