PMP Quy Trình Manage Quality 8.2
On PMBOK 5, this process was called as Perform Quality Assurance. But on PMBOK 6, this ITTO has changed the name to Manage Quality. Please note to follow guide on PMBOK 6 for your PMP exam.
Process Name: Manage Quality (8.2)

Process Group: E

 Auditing the quality requirements and the results from quality control measurements to ensure appropriate quality standards and operational definition are used.

Key benefit: Facilitate the improvement of quality processes.

1. Project Management Plan
Quality Mgmt Plan

2. Project documents
Quality Metrics

- Quality Control Measurements

LL register
Risk report
5. Proj Docs
1. Data Gathering
– Checklists

2. Data analysis
– Alternatives
– Document analysis
– Root cause analysis
3. Decision making
– Multicriteria
4. Data representation
– Affinity diagrams
– Cause and effect diagrams
– Flowcharts
– Histograms
– Matrix diagrams
– Scatter diagrams
5. Quality Audits

6. DfX
7. Problem solving
8. Quality improvement methods
1. Quality reports
2. Test and evaluation documents
3. CRs
4. Project Management Plan Updates
Quality management plan
Scope baseline
Schedule baseline
Cost baseline

5. Project Doc Updates

Issue log
LL register
Risk register

PMP Process Groups Map:

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