PMP project management proffessional

19 Công việc cần làm trong giai đoạn Monitoring & Controlling dự án (M&C PMP)


  1. Take action to control project
  2. Measure actual performance against performance measurement baseline
  3. Measure performance against other metrics in the Project Management Plan
  4. Analyze and evaluate performance
  5. Determine if variances warrant a correction action or other change request
  6. Influence the factors that cause changes
  7. Request changes
  8. Perform integrated change control
  9. Approve or reject changes
  10. Update Project Management Plan and project documents
  11. Inform stakeholders of the result of change requests
  12. Monitor stakeholder engagement
  13. Manage configuration
  14. Create forecasts
  15. Gain acceptant of interim deliverables from the customer
  16. Perform Quality Control
  17. Perform risk assessments and audits
  18. Manage reserves
  19. Control procurements

Theo PMBOK, 19 Công việc cần làm trong giai đoạn Monitoring & Controlling dự án xảy ra trong 11 quy trình sau:

  1. Monitor and control project work
  2. Perform integrated change control
  3. Validate scope
  4. Control scope
  5. Control schedule
  6. Control costs
  7. Control quality
  8. Control communications
  9. Control risks
  10. Control procurements 
  11. Control stakeholder engagement


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