Công cụ quản lý dự án Meetings trong PMP là gì?


Expert Judgment là công cụ được sử dụng nhiều nhất trong 47 quy trình, xem là công cụ phổ biến nhất. Meetings được sử dụng nhiều thứ 2. 


  1. Meetings xuất hiện ở tất cả các quy trình Plan (X.1)


The following meetings may be used as part of the Control Quality process:

  • Approved change requests review. All approved change requests should be reviewed to verify that they were implemented as approved. This review should also check that partial changes are completed and all parts have been properly implemented, tested, completed, and certified.
  • Retrospectives/lesson learned. A meeting held by a project team to discuss:
    • Successful elements in the project/phase,
    • What could be improved,
    • What to incorporate in the ongoing project and what in future projects, andn What to add to the organization process assets







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