Công cụ quản lý dự án Negotiation trong PMP là gì?


Công cụ này sử dụng trong quy trình:  9.2

Staff assignments are negotiated on many projects. For example, the project management team may need to negotiate with:

Functional managers, to ensure that the project receives appropriately competent staff in the required time frame and that the project team members will be able, willing, and authorized to work on the project until their responsibilities are completed;

Other project management teams within the performing organization, to appropriately assign scarce or specialized human resources;

External organizations, vendors, suppliers, contractors,etc., forappropriate, scarce, specialized, qualified, certified, or other such specified human resources. Special consideration should be given to external negotiating policies, practices, processes, guidelines, legal, and other such criteria.

The project management team’s ability to influence others plays an important role in negotiating staff assignments, as do the politics of the organizations involved. For example, a functional manager will weigh the benefits and visibility of competing projects when determining where to assign exceptional performers requested by various project teams.


  • Collaboration over contract negotiation”
  • Communication with two or more parties to reach an agreement / resolve conflicts
  • Negotiation strategies
    • Distributive negotiation: adopt extreme positions initially and work to reach a deal through tactics on the assumption that value is limited
    • Integrative negotiation: work together to achieve something by creating more values for a win-win solution

Negotiation còn được sử dụng như là 1 công cụ con trong bộ công cụ Interpersonal skills, khi sử dụng công cụ này cần chú ý thêm những điểm lưu ý sau:

Negotiation is a strategy of conferring with parties of shared or opposed interests with a view toward compromise or reaching an agreement. Negotiation is an integral part of project management and done well, increases the probability of project success.

The following skills and behaviors are useful in negotiating successfully:

  •  Analyze the situation.
  •  Differentiate between wants and needs, both theirs and yours.
  •  Focus on interests and issues rather than on positions.
  •  Ask high and offer low, but be realistic.
  •  When you make a concession, act as if you are yielding something of value, don’t just give in.
  •  Both parties should feel as if they have won. This win-win negotiating style is preferred but not always achievable. If possible, don’t let the other party leave feeling as though he or she has been taken advantage of.
  •  Listen attentively and communicate articulately.




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