pareto chart luyen thi PMP RMP online

Pareto Chart trong luyện thi PMI-RMP PMP


Pareto chart là một công cụ trong 7 công cụ quản lý chất lượng của Control Quality.

A Pareto chart is a type of histogram where the bar-chart is ordered by the frequency of occurrence. It can easily help us identify those issues that have the highest frequency. Look at the sample Pareto chart below:

pareto chart luyen thi PMP RMP online

Here as you can see, the occurrences due to the “Slow Page Load” problem result in “Page Errors” the most number of times and then the other outcomes too are plotted based on the number of occurrences. So, if I were in-charge of quality or risk for this project I would probably concentrate on the first one or two problems which should help be address a bulk of the issues.

Pareto’s law is something that is commonly used in quality parlance. It is also called the 80-20 rule which says that 80% of the problems are because of 20% of the causes. So, if we address those 20% causes, we can eliminate 80% of the problems.

The idea behind Pareto Chart is similar. We want to concentrate on those issues that have the highest frequency so that we can nail those that can give us the most benefit.


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