PMP Quy Trình Perform Integrated Change Control 4.6
Process Name: Perform Integrated Change Control

Process Group: M&C

Reviewing all CRs, looking for and evaluating any impacts, approving changes and managing changes to the deliverables, organizational process assets, project documents and the project management plan.

Includes coordinating changes across the entire project.

1. Proj Mgmt Plan
Change management plan
Configuration management plan
Scope baseline
Schedule baseline
Cost baseline

2. Work Perf Reports

3. CRs

4. Project documents
Basis of estimates
Requirement traceability matrix
Risk report
5. EEF

6. OPA
1. Expert Judgment

2. Meetings

3. Change Control Tools
4. Data analysis
– Alternatives analysis
– Cost-benefit analysis
5. Decision making
– Voting
– Autocratic decision making
– Multicriteria decision analysis
1. Approved CRs

2. Change Log

3. Proj Mgmt Plan Updates
4. Proj Doc Updates
Change log

PMP Process Groups Map:

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