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Công cụ quản lý dự án Performance Reporting trong PMP là gì?


Công cụ này sử dụng trong quy trình:   10.2, 12.3

Performance reporting is the act of collecting and distributing performance information, including status reports, progress measurements, and forecasts. Performance reporting involves the periodic collection and analysis of baseline versus actual data to understand and communicate the project progress and performance as well as to forecast the project results.

Performance reporting needs to provide information at an appropriate level for each audience. The format may range from a simple status report to more elaborate reports and may be prepared regularly or on an exception basis. A simple status report might show performance information, such as percent complete or status dashboards for each area (i.e., scope, schedule, cost, and quality). More elaborate reports may include:

Analysis of past performance,

Analysis of project forecasts (including time and cost),

-Current status of risks and issues,

Work completed during the period,

Work to be completed in the next period,

Summary of changes approved in the period, and

Other relevant information, which is reviewed and discussed.





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