PMP Quy Trình Plan Risk Responses 11.5
Process Name: Plan Risk Response (11.5)

Process Group: P


Way of remember:
  • Identify risks uses experiences
  • Perform Qualitative / Quantitative Risk analysis use Analytical and mathematical skills
  • Plan Risk responses uses creativity


  1. Risk residual: remaining risk
  2. Secondary risk: When applied risk response plan, this new risk will be identified

Developing options to enhance opportunities and to reduce threats to project objectives.

1. Project Management Plan
Resource management plan
Risk management plan
Cost baseline
2. Project documents
LL register
Project schedule
Project team assignments
Resource calendars
Risk register
Risk report
Stakeholder register
3. EEF
4. OPA
1. Expert judgment
2. Data gathering
– Interviews
3. Interpersonal & Team skills
– Facilitation
4. Strategies for threats
5. Strategies for opportunities
6. Contingency response strategies
7. Strategies for overall project risk
8. Data analysis
– Alternatives analysis
– Cost-benefit analysis
9. Decision making
– Multicriteria
1. CRs
2. Project Management Plan updates
Schedule management plan
Cost management plan
Quality management plan
Resource management plan
Procurement management plan
Scope baseline
Schedule baseline
Cost baseline
3. Project documents
Assumption log
Cost forecasts
LL register
Project schedule
Project team assignments
Risk register
Risk report


Critical success factors:

  1. People
    1. Communicate
    2. Define roles and responsibilities
  2. Planning:
    1. Specify timing of responses
    2. Provide resource, budget and schedule
  3. Analysis
    1. Address interaction of risks and responses
    2. Ensure appropriate, timely, effective, and agreed-upon responses
    3. Address threats and opportunities
    4. Develop strategies


PMP 5 Process Groups Map:

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