PMP Quy Trình Plan RM (Resource Management)  9.1
Process Name: Plan HRM 9.1

Process Group: P

On PMBOK 5, this process was called as Plan Human Resource Management. But on PMBOK 6, this process has changed the name to Plan Resource Management. Please note to follow guide on PMBOK 6 for your PMP exam.

Identifying and Documenting project roles, responsibilities and required skills, reporting relationships, and creating a staffing management plan including the timetable for staff acquisition and release.

1. Project charter
2. Proj Mgmt Plan

Requirement management plan
Risk management plan
Stakeholder engagement plan
Scope baseline
3. Project documents
Assumption log
Requirements documentation
Requirements traceability matrix
Risk register
Stakeholder register
4. EEF

5. OPA
1. Expert Judgment
2. Data representation
– Hierarchical charts
– Text-oriented formats
3. Org theory
4. Meetings
1. RM Plan
2. Team charter
3. Project documents updates
Assumption log
Risk register


Sau khi plan HRM (Human Resource Management) tạo ra HRM (Human Resource Management) plan có tất cả yêu cầu về nguồn lực dự án, Project Manager cần làm việc với FM (Functional Manager) để yêu cầu nguồn lực nếu cấu trúc tổ chức ở dạng Matrix Organization Structure. Xem thêm: Acquire project team.


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