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Công cụ Project Management Information System (PMIS) ITTO trong luyện thi PMP




Project management information systems can include resource management or scheduling software that can be used to monitor the resource utilization which helps ensure that the right resources are working on the right activities at the right time and place.

Project management information systems provides a set of standard tools for the project manager to capture, store, and distribute information to internal and external stakeholders with the information they need according the communications plan. The information contained in the system is monitored to assess its validity and effectiveness

Project management information systems can ensure that stakeholders can easily retrieve the information they need in a timely way. Project information is managed and distributed using a variety of tools, including:

  • Electronic project management tools. Project management software, meeting and virtual office support software, web interfaces, specialized project portals and dashboards, and collaborative work management tools.
  • Electronic communications management. Email, fax, and voice mail; audio, video and web conferencing; and websites and web publishing.
  • Social media management. Websites and web publishing; and blogs and applications, which offer the opportunity to engage with stakeholders and form online communities.



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