Tổng hợp các khái niệm cần nắm về lĩnh vực Organization Influence (Chapter 02) trong kỳ thi PMP

 Chapter 02: Organization Influence



>> Thi thử PMP chuyên đề Project Management Framework


  1. Functional Organization: PM has little or no authority, and Stall report to FM. Perceived scope of project limited to boundaries of function. Xem thêm: Functional Organization Structure 
  2. Weak Matrix Organization: Very similar characteristics to a Functional Organization. The PM Role  is more of a coordinator or expediter than that of a true PM. A staff will be an PC, PM like an PC.
  3. Balanced Matrix Organization: A staff will be an PM, another staff will be an PC. Very similar Weak Matrix, they have a temporary PM.
  4. Strong Matrix Organization: Disadvantage: staff have to report to 2 managers. Advantage: No worries of job layoffs for PM and staff, and hangs on to skill set after project ends. Xem thêm: Matrix Organization Structure 
  5. Projectized Organization: Disavantage: All staff including PMs loose their jobs at the end of the project and the organization looses the skills  of the staff after project ends. “No home“. Advantage: Most of organization’s resources dedicated to project, PM has high authority. Xem thêm: Projectized Organization Structure 
  6. Stakeholders: are persons or organizations, who are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be positively or negatively affected by the performance or completion of the project.
  7. Project Team = Project Management Team + PM + Other Project Team members
  8. EEF:
    • Culture, Structure, Process of Organization
    • Geopraphic distribution of facilities and resources
    • Standard of Industry, Goverment
    • Current HR, Policy
    • Stakeholder risk tolerances
    • Marketplace conditions
    • Commerial database
    • PMIS
  9. OPA:
    • Guidelines, processes, polices, procedures, knowledge bases, lesson learned, historical data
    • Change control procedures
    • Financial procedures, Risk control procedures
    • Issue and defect management procuredures
    • Organizational communication requirements
    • Procedures for prioritizing, approving, and issuing work authorizations
    • Performance measurement criteria


>> Thi thử PMP chuyên đề Project Management Framework

Tổng hợp PMP Concepts: https://hocpmp.com/pmp-concepts



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