Thuật ngữ Process Tailoring trong Agile là gì? Luyện thi PMI-ACP

Process Tailoring: amend the Agile methodology to better fit the project environment since every project is different in terms of team size, nature, resources, criticality… Eg: at the end of each iterations, review meetings will be done to understand what can be improved by doing things differently. We can try to implement the changes in the next iteration to test.

Kanban is tailoring-friendly while Scrum is not

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended to implement the Agile methodologies out-of-the-box for the first few iterations before making changes / process tailoring so that the values of standard Agile methods are better understood before making changes. Relationship between different processes for Agile methodologies must be thoroughly understood before attempting to make changes

Shu-Ha-Ri model (by Alistar Cockburn) – originates from Japanese Noh theater

  1. Obeying the rules (Shu)
  2. Consciously moving away from the rules (Ha)
  3. Unconsciously finding an individual path (Ri)



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