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Công cụ Product Analysis trong PMP là gì?


Công cụ này sử dụng trong quy trình 5.2

For projects that have a product as a deliverable, as opposed to a service or result, product analysis can be an effective tool. Each application area has one or more generally accepted methods for translating high-level product descriptions into tangible deliverables.

Product analysis includes techniques such as product breakdown, systems analysis, requirements analysis, systems engineering, value engineering, and value analysis



#PS756 – You are 4 months into an 18 month project. The latest results of your cost variance are negative and you know the scope of work must still be completed at less cost. What options can you consider?

A. Update the IRR to reflect the negative variance.

B. Perform a value analysis

C. Evaluate benefit cost ratios

D. Recover some sunk costs

Value analysis focuses on optimizing cost performance.  It is a systematic use of techniques to identify the required functions of an item, establish values for those functions, and provide the functions at the lowest overall cost without loss of performance.

NOTE:  Value analysis is one of several different techniques of the scope definition TnT Product analysis which purpose is to translate the project objectives into tangible deliverables to provide a better understanding of the project product.  Other techniques are:

Product breakdown: Involves developing a better understanding of the project’s product by breaking it down into constituent parts.

Functional Analysis: Analyzing all the things a product does, including primary and related functions to identify unnecessary functions that might drive up cost on a product.

Value Engineering: Identifying and developing the cost versus benefits rational for each function of a product.  A method for controlling costs while maintaining performance and quality standards.  Very common in military and construction contracts.

Quality Function Deployment: Identifying what the customer’s needs are, (both spoken and unspoken) and translating those needs into technical requirements which helps focus the various business functions towards achieving the project objectives. Appropriate for each stage of the product development cycle.

Systems Engineering: Analyzing products holistically, integrating factors such as users, usage environment, and related hardware or software with which the product must function.






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