Tìm hiểu về Project charter trong thi PMP

Tìm hiểu về Project charter trong thi PMP


Project charteroutput của quy trình Develop project charter, thuộc mảng kiến thức Project integration management.
The project charter is the document issued by the project initiator or sponsor that formally authorizes the existence of a project and provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities. It documents the business needs, assumptions, constraints, the understanding of the customer’s needs and high-level requirements, and the new product, service, or result that it is intended to satisfy, such as:


  • Project purpose or justification,
  • Measurable project objectives and related success criteria,
  • High-level requirements,
  • Assumptions and constraints,
  • High-level project description and boundaries,
  • High-level risks,
  • Summary milestone schedule,
  • Summary budget,
  • Stakeholder list,
  • Project approval requirements (i.e., what constitutes project success, who decides the project is successful, and who signs off on the project),
  • Assigned project manager, responsibility, and authority level, and
  • Name and authority of the sponsor or other person(s) authorizing the project charter.

Project charter

Project title and description: briefly describe the project

Project manager assigned and Authority level: should include PM’s name and information about whether he or she can determine budget, schedule, staffing…

Business case: why the project is being done

Resource pre-assigned: how many and which resources will be provided

Stakeholders: who will affect or be affected by the project (influence project), as known to date.

Stakeholder requirement as known: requirements to project and product scope.

Product description: specific product deliverables that are wanted and the end result of the project

Project approval requirements: include what items need to be approved for the project, who will have sign-off, and what designates success.

High level project risks: potential threats and opportunities for the project

Signature: The project sponsor signs the charter to indicate approval and authorization of the project.


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