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Project Environment là gì trong luyện thi PMI-RMP?

Anything and everything that can impact or influence the Project or its outcome will be part of the Project Environment. 

As Project Managers, we must know the physical, social, cultural and political aspects of the environment where our project functions in order to efficiently manage all the risks that may arise out of these areas.

Project Environment Classification

  1. Internal:
    1. Org Structure:
      1. Functional Orgs
      2. Projectized Orgs
      3. Matrix Org:
        1. Weak matrix
        2. Balanced matrix
        3. Strong matrix
    2. Culture
      1. Company culture
      2. Ethnic culture
      3. Religious culture
      4. Economic culture
    3. Project stakeholders: As the PM we need to know who those Stakeholders are and their level of influence, involvement & authority so that we can handle them accordingly.
    4. Consumers: As Project Managers we need to have a good understanding of the customers’ expectations so that we can try to meet or even beat them.
    5. Technologies
  2. External
    1. Natural factors
    2. Political
    3. Legal
    4. Financial & Economic
    5. Industry
    6. Human health & Safety

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