Thuật ngữ Relative Sizing trong Agile là gì? Luyện thi PMI-ACP

Relative Sizing

  • Two types of estimation: relative estimation (easier and faster) vs absolute estimation (more difficult and not accurate)
  • relative sizing: make use of a simple system to roughly estimate and track progress in relative terms using a comparative approach. Estimation is done using triangulation: choose several user stories as the reference for the different sizes (S, M, L, XL, XLL) and the other user stories will be estimated with comparison to the chosen one
  • Agile Planning Steps
    • The relative sizing of user stories and team velocity are used to determine the amount of work to be performed
    • The priority may be calculated by dividing value with relative sizing
    • Group user stories with logical relations
    • Re-estimate sizing as needed
  • A spike is a fast, time-boxed (several days at most) experiment / investigation that may be used to come up with an estimate for a user story that is difficult to estimate upfront


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