04 Thành phần của Risk Factor trong luyện thi PMP và PMI-RMP

Risk Factors:

  1. Probability (Likelihood)
  2. Impact (Effect)
  3. Expected timing
  4. Frequency

Sam is a project manager of ABCD WLL and working on a new project to design a new system for a client. Danny is the risk manager for the project. He has completed the risk identification process and is now qualifying risks and he wants to define the risk urgency assessment. Which of the following is not a risk priority factor?

(a) Risk impact value

(b) Time to affect a risk response

(c) Warning sign

(d) Symptoms

Answer: A

Indicators of priority may include the probability of detecting the risk, time to affect a risk response, symptoms and warning signs, and the risk rating.

Tổng hợp bài luyện thi PMI-RMP:


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