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Công cụ quản lý dự án Risk Probability & Impact Assessment trong PMP là gì?


Công cụ này sử dụng trong quy trình:  11.3

Risk probability assessment investigates the likelihood that each specific risk will occur. Risk impact assessment investigates the potential effect on a project objective such as schedule, cost, quality, or performance, including both negative effects for threats and positive effects for opportunities.

Probability and impact are assessed for each identified risk. Risks can be assessed in interviews or meetings with participants selected for their familiarity with the risk categories on the agenda. Project team members and knowledgeable persons external to the project are included.

The level of probability for each risk and its impact on each objective is evaluated during the interview or meeting. Explanatory detail, including assumptions justifying the levels assigned, are also recorded. Risk probabilities and impacts are rated according to the definitions given in the risk management plan. Risks with low ratings of probability and impact will be included within the risk register as part of the watch list for future monitoring.





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