Thuật ngữ trong đề thi PMI-RMP | Luyện thi PMI-RMP Online

  • Risk – A Risk is an uncertain event or condition that, if it occurs, has a positive or negative effect on the projects objectives.
  • Issue – An Issue is something that is occurring now in the present. You know about it and it is being dealt with. An Issue is a threat that has already materialized. They are kept track of using an Issue Log.
  • Risk Event – A Risk Event is the description of a scenario that may occur if the risk were to materialize.
  • Risk Triggers – Risk Triggers are signs or indications that a risk event is about to occur or has already occurred. These are also known as Risk Symptoms or Warning Signs.
  • Risk Management Plan – The Risk Management Plan is the document that describes how the risk management processes will be carried out in our project. It describes how risk management will be planned; risks will be identified, analyzed & prioritized, responded, monitored and controlled.
  • Risk Register – The Risk Register is a document that contains all the identified risks, the results of risk analysis, the proposed risk responses and the current status of each of the identified risks
  • Risk Breakdown Structure – The Risk Breakdown Structure (Or RBS) is a hierarchical breakdown of risks organized by risk categories or impact.
  • Probability – The term Probability refers to the chances that a risk may occur.
  • Impact – The term Impact refers to the effect that a particular risk event will have on our project if it occurs


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