Critical Success Factors (CSF) for Project Risk Processes  | Luyện thi PMI-RMP

CSFs for Project Risk Management

  1. Individual commitment / responsibility:
  2. Organizational commitment
  3. Integrate with project management
  4. Open & Honest communication
  5. Recognize the value of risk management
  6. Scale risk effort to project

CSFs for Plan risk management

  1. Identify and address barriers to Successful Project Risk Management
  2. Involve project stakeholder in Project Risk Management
  3. Comply with the Organization’s Objectives, Policies, and Practices

CSFs for Identify Risks

  1. Early identification
  2. Iterative identification
  3. Emergent identification
  4. Comprehensive identification
  5. Explicit identification of opportunities
  6. Multiple perspectives (input from broad range of project stakeholder)
  7. Risks linked to project objectives (Ref: What is risk?)
  8. Complete risk statement
  9. Ownership and level of detail
  10. Objectivity

CSFs for Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis

  1. Use agreed-Upon Approach
  2. Use agreed-upon definitions of Risk Terms
  3. Collect high-quality information about Risks
  4. Perform iterative quality risk analys

CSFs for Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis

  1. Prior Risk Identification and Qualitative risk analysis
  2. Appropriate project model
  3. Commitment to collect high quality risk data
  4. Unbiased data
  5. Overall project risk derived from Individual risks
  6. Interrelationship between risks in Quantitative risk analysis

CSFs for Plan Risk Responses

  1. People
    1. Communicate
    2. Define roles and responsibilities
  2. Planning:
    1. Specify timing of responses
    2. Provide resource, budget and schedule
  3. Analysis
    1. Address interaction of risks and responses
    2. Ensure appropriate, timely, effective, and agreed-upon responses
    3. Address threats and opportunities
    4. Develop strategies

CSFs for Control Risks

  1. Integrate Project risk monitoring and control to Project monitoring and control
  2. Continuous monitor risk trigger conditions (Responsibility: Risk action owner)
  3. Maintain risk awareness

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