Tổng hợp Topic luyện thi PMI-RMP Online

  1. Tài liệu luyện thi PMI-RMP
  2. PMI-RMP Hot Topics
  4. Risk Management Framework
  5. Risk Chart of Responsibilities
  6. Project Environment
  7. Risk Terms
  8. KA Notes
  9. PMP Concepts
  10. Risk Categorization
  11. Project Life Cycle
  12. Risk score & Project risk score
  13. Assumptions & Constraints
  14. 05 steps approach to manage project risk
  15. Risk Register
  16. Acts of God
  17. Checklist vs Assumptions Analysis
  18. Cause and Effect Diagrams
  19. Centralized vs Decentralized contract
  20. Constructive team vs Destructive team
  21. GIGO Rule
  22. Process Flow Charts
  23. SWOT Analysis
  24. 7 QC Tools
  25. Run Charts
  26. Risk communication
  27. PARIS chart
  28. Psychological factors
  29. Project communication
  30. Project Risk Management
  31. Probability Distributions
  32. Ordinal vs Cardinal
  33. Sensitivity Analysis
  34. Contract types
  35. Types of Risk
  36. Triple P
  37. Leadership Styles
  38. Latin Hypercube simulation
  39. Motivation Theories
  40. Stakeholder analysis (Classification)
  41. Stakeholder – Power and Interest
  42. Risk Attitude
  43. Rule of seven
  44. Risk Factors
  45. Critical success factors for Project Risk Management 
  46. Project Risk Management Diagram Process flow diagram
  47. Qualitative vs Quantitative Risk Analysis
  48. Risk Owner
  49. Variable vs Attribute sampling



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