Thế nào là Risk-based Spike trong Agile? Luyện thi PMI-ACP

Thế nào là Risk-based Spike trong Agile? Luyện thi PMI-ACP

Spike: a rapid time-boxed experiment (by the developers) to learn just enough about the “unknown” of a user story for estimation / establishing realistic expectations / as a proof of concept. The “unknown” can be: new technologies, new techniques

Spike can be a “proof of concept”

Spikes are carried out between sprints and before major epics / user stories

products of a spike are usually intended to be thrown away

Types [for XP]:

  • Architectural spike: associated with an unknown area of the system, technology or application domain
  • Non-architectural spike: others

Risk based spike: a spike to allow the team to eliminate or minimize some major risks. If the spike fails for every approach available, the project reaches a condition known as “fast failure”, the cost of failure is much less than failing later


Nếu có bất cứ chia sẻ về luyện thi PMP, PMI-RMP, PMI-ACP hay góp ý bạn vui lòng chia sẻ ở dưới phần bình luận. Tôi rất vui lòng về điều đó. Cảm ơn.

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